Samsung’s browser comes to all Android phones and gets an ad-tracking blocker

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Samsung’s web browser is now available on all Android phones running Android 5.0 and above. In the same update, Samsung Internet is also getting a built-in ad-tracking blocker. Users on other Android devices can find the Samsung Internet app in the Play Store or Galaxy Apps store. Previously, Samsung Internet was only available on Samsung devices and Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices.

The browser’s new extension blocks invisible trackers, allowing you to browse privately. You can toggle on the tracking blocker, or if you’re in Secret Mode, the blocker will already be enabled by default. The extension is powered by Disconnect, a privacy protection company, which already makes a similar ad-blocking extension for Samsung Internet.

With the new blocker, Samsung might have taken a cue from its competitors. Apple recently began restricting ad tracking on the mobile and desktop versions of Safari last month.

In this newest version, Samsung also announced the browser was getting a Night Mode and a High Contrast mode, for browsing with white text on a black background, to reduce eye strain.


I have been waiting for this. My Pixel just didn’t feel right without Samsung’s browser. Now the Android experience is complete. /s

you might think that’s funny, but Samsung’s browser has been typically better performing than Chrome, at least on the Galaxy phones. I might try it on my Pixel (have to admit, I’d like to kill the full-page mobile ads on every Verge article)

Night mode is a nice touch too.

Mobile firefox is actually pretty good now, and you can install AdBlock on it which makes the mobile web usable again. It’s slightly clunkier than chrome but the ad-blocker makes it worth it, I’ve got it as my default web browser now.

Even better with the background video fix plugin you can play Youtube with your screen off too or in another tab. Firefox is my favorite mobile browser.

The usual knee-jerk jab thrown at Samsung…especially amusing since Samsung’s browser actually is reputedly better than mobile Chrome.

Well, Samsung’s browser is basically Chrome since the majority of code comes from Chromium.

Samsung does employ web engine developers, though. They are very involved with Firefox 57’s new Servo rendering engine. I didn’t check how much they tweaked Chromium’s engine for this browser but the talent to do so is certainly there.

Indeed it is, it’s actually better than chrome

Krosen11 trying to be funny but ends up looking to be not so.

Samsung’s Internet app has better performance, more reliable and faster than Google’s Chrome. Not only that, it has more features than Chrome as well. Ad blocker plugin is something that will NEVER happen in Chrome because of Google’s main source of revenue being advertisement.

Hey man, you may laugh, but you’re just laughing yourself out of a great browser. Much faster, and an order of magnitude smoother than Chrome.

Chrome is a great browser, but gets jerky and stuttery in a way you just don’t see on Samsung’s browser.

It’s strange because it’s not often you hear Samsung is doing something well with software.

Not funny at all. Samsung actually makes the best browser for Android. Their S-Health app is pretty great too.

I will have to try the Samsung browser. As a diabetic, I’ve found SHealth to be the best overall health tracker.for me. It tracks everything I need to track. from blood glucose, to diet, to exercise, BP, you name it! AND it too, seems to work with non Samsung phones.

I’ve been using their Browser for months on my 6p and now Pixel. Was it like exclusive to certain phones or was I part of beta program?

Previously, Samsung Internet was only available on Samsung devices and Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices.

Ah, I missed that bit where it said Nexus and Pixel, thank you.

A beta version was also available for other phones. Installed it on my LG G3 months ago.

Not all Android phones.

Neither my Xperia XZ Premium (Android 8.0) nor my T-Mobile USA-co-branded Xperia Z3 (Android 5.0) are compatible, according to the Google Play Store.

It appears that non-Samsung, non-Google phone support for Samsung Internet Browser is restricted to the beta version.

Maybe I’ll try this browser out when I can use a non-beta version on my phone.

For those more adventurous than I, here’s a link to the beta version of Samsung Internet Browser:

you could also just get it from apkmirror:

it’s a completely safe way of obtaining the app, although I would suggest it for "pro" users only.

Been using it for a few months, it’s pretty good and smooth.

Browser works great, is my default and I go to Chrome maybe once every couple months when a site doesn’t work correctly. Ad-blocking is awesome.

I wish the S8 CALENDAR app would be released. Easily the prettiest and most useful calendar app I’ve used on Android


The Verge and basically every tech review site slams Samsung for having duplicate apps to Google’s, but in so many cases, Samsung’s software is just better.

Examples for me include Samsung’s calendar, health app, browser, and email apps.

The one people should be getting annoyed with is Google, that forces Samsung to include the Google suite of apps in order to get access to Google Play services and the Play store.

I’d prefer to ONLY get Samsung’s apps on my Samsung phone, and replace them with Google’s versions if, and only if, I chose to.

With the new blocker, Samsung might have taken a cue from its competitors. Apple recently began restricting ad tracking on the mobile and desktop versions of Safari last month.

I’m sorry but Samsung had their ad blocker way before Apple made their latest move.
It’s quite funny how the staff from the Verge always has their perspective from Apple’s ecosystem. Do you guys all use Apple products in your offices?

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