The TSA’s Precheck program is coming to the 49ers’ and Jets’ home games

The Transportation Security Administration’s Precheck program is now coming to Levi’s Stadium in California and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in what’s a regrettable sign of the times. Identity-services company IdentoGo has a multi-year partnership with the 49ers and Jets to provide Precheck enrollment stations at those stadiums during home games. IdentoGo will also implement Fast Pass lanes this season, so fans who are deemed “trusted” can get through lines quicker.

TSA Precheck is a security program that lets frequent flyers move through security checkpoints with shorter lines, without removing their shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets. Those who want to sign up can do so during New York Jets games at MetLife Stadium and during San Francisco 49ers games at Levi’s. They’ll just need to bring their passport or birth certificate to the mobile enrollment RVs.

The 49ers will test different options for efficient fan entry to Levi’s Stadium. The next stage of the rollout will involve pilot programs such as implementing biometrics when selling tickets.


Wow. I hope this fucks over these teams big time.

For wanting to ensure any threat of terrorist incident is minimised while ensuring regular non threatening fans get in quicker? Ok.

Have fun living your life in fear.

Yeah, because additional security is a horrible idea.

Security theater

And i guess we’ll get rid of threats by having no security?

Not that I like the TSA, but what are they supposed to do? We do need additional security at football games.

Do we, though? Is your sense of insecurity at a football game based on truth/statistics or media/politicians?

It’s based on the truth. America is far from safe. I don’t think anything has happened at a football game yet but are we going to wait til something does and then react afterwards?

Citations needed. If you don’t feel safe, I suggest you take a Vicodin before going out in public instead of proposing the further expansion of a multi-billion-dollar security theater apparatus that missed 67 of the 70 items it’s supposed to catch:

I did say I do not like the TSA. So recommend something else if you don’t either. However, with the number of shootings going on, I think adding additional security is wise.

I have TSA PreCheck but I won’t be using this. Waiting in line at security is when I usually finish my beer(s) from tailgating before paying 10 bucks for a Bud Light in the stadium.

Spoken like a true tailgater.

Sad to see this inevitability coming to fruition. Pity the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to private companies or the TSA.

Why use a picture of the Superdome instead of Levi’s Stadium or MetLife Stadium??

Because football…

Hey that guy might be about to shoot a home run!

As someone who has precheck, this is amazing. I hate lines and usually get to games really early or after they have started.

Since both the Giants and Jets play at MetLife is it right to assume Giant fans could also use the precheck?

The statements I can find make it seem like the deal is with the NFL team, not with some overarching stadium management, so the Giants (nor any other sporting event, concert, etc. at Metlife) will not have this system implemented.

This is a great idea.

I appreciate that you need more security awareness at Niners games but wouldn’t it just be easier to move all eight fans to the same side of the stadium so one guy can see them?

Really? Why not contract out to Clear like a few other arenas, ballparks, and stadiums have done?

It doesn’t really take long to get through security as of now. As long as they don’t make us take off our shoes, then I’m ok.

I am embarrassed to admit that I signed up for global entry (and by extension precheck), I had to give up my fingerprints and picture for the privilege of being treated like a human being. I hate that I gave up freedom for convenience.

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