Google will issue a fix for Pixel 2’s buzzing sounds heard during calls

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google is releasing a fix in the coming weeks to remove a faint buzzing sound that appears during phone calls on some Pixel 2 devices. A community manager posted a short message on the Pixel User Community forum confirming the fix, stating, “We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which eliminates a faint buzzing sound on some Pixel 2 devices when the phone is placed to your ear during a phone call.”

Some users received replacement handsets, but said the problem remained. Others described the noise as a hissing sound. The fix comes shortly after the company issued a software update to fix the faint NFC-related clicking sounds some users experienced last month.

Though the Pixel 2 launched with rave reviews, the first month of rollout has been troublesome for Google, with devices suffering from a variety of issues including poor sound recording quality, unresponsive spots on the XL’s touchscreen, and some display issues.


It’s like the iPhone X and pixel phones launched with similar issues.

In all reality though when high profile get launched any issue draws attention. Both phones seem great and people would be happy with both from what I can tell.

This is pretty much it. You can find similar issues for any phones on forums. They just usually don’t get this much attention unless a phone is catching fire or blowing up.

It’s like the iPhone X and pixel phones launched with similar issues.

Is it?

You’re right, they didn’t…the big thing was the high end Pixel 2 XL was its substandard LG display – compared to the Samsung OLED’s everyones used to (and the iPhone X launched with) and the iPhone X didn’t have a comparable issue.

The iPhoneX had sound issues. iOS11’s calculator would sometimes DO MATH WRONG. The screen didn’t work at cold temperatures. And your kids might be able to unlock face ID.

The Pixel 2 (XL) has blue shift (more than the iPhone or Galaxys, but they both have it, too). It had crackling sound.

Most of these issues are getting quickly fixed.

The iOS calculator is still not working properly, and I’m on iOS 11.1.2

I thought Apple was "It just works?". lol

Well, it’s telling you had to seriously pad the iPhone issue list while restricting the issues with the Pixel 2 Xl display to ‘blue shift’.

I mean, "your kids may be able to unlock Face ID" is seriously grasping at straws.

So then there are issues and it doesn’t just work. Got it.
You think not working in cold temps is better than blue shift?
You think calculator making math errors is better than dull colors on Pixel?

I’ve yet to hear any "Buzzing or Clicking" sounds on mine, but what I did used to hear was a sound like I was pressing on the volume rocker to raise the volume. This hasn’t happened since the second week that I’ve had my Pixel 2.

How good is your hearing? I definitely heard both. The clicking was fixed with the recent OTA but the "buzzing" (which I would describe more as a variable-pitch whine/squeal) is still happening. It is quite faint and somewhat random but it’s always there. I could see someone with less than stellar hearing missing either of these issues though, that’s how minor they are.

I have the pixel xl2. Got it last Wednesday. Blimey it’s a good phone. Camera is excellent, super smooth, sounds fab when watching Netflix while doing dinner.

Personally don’t have a problem with the screen. There is a noticeable hue change off angle but I’m yet to be using it off angle. May do to show someone, doesn’t mean I need to see it at exactly the same time.

Plus I know if it does develop a problem Google will replace it. They did my old Nexus 6p, which had a fault USB c port, then two went into bootloops and even giving me a full refund two years after purchase to put towards this.

Yet to compare it in the wild to the iPhone x, but intrigued to see what they are like.

They replaced my Nexus 6p with a Pixel XL which was a nice surprise. Gave that to the misses and bought myself a Pixel XL 2. Like yourself, I’m loving this phone and the screen issues…. Not been noticing them anymore now that I’ve turned the display colour to saturated

Same here, I love the screen and the blue tint isn’t even that big of a deal. Love the phone so far.

Honestly the phone could have 100 more minor issues and I’d still love it. The camera is that good, particularly the speed, that nothing else has bothered me especially knowing that it will be fixed. I swear I’ve caught the best cell phone pics of my life in the last few weeks of owning this phone. It’s especially been a lifesaver with a 1.5 year old who doesn’t sit still for more than a millisecond. I’ve ended up thinking I missed a shot only to find that somehow this phone miraculously captured it.

The buzzing sound is the NWO trying to implant thoughts hahahaha

Good to see them fixing the little issues that have surfaced, I’m sure might be another one or two that surfaces like all new products. If you value camera performance above all though, JMHO the Pixel 2 is the phone to get.

Have a 2 XL and a iPhone 8 Plus in the house (about the same price) and the normal Camera performance is great on both, but if you prize the ability to do portrait mode, particularly in lower light (evening in the house with lights on) – the pixel’s camera just blows the iPhone’s portrait performance away…as in hands down glance at the photo and see its significantly better. Caveat there is that the Pixel doesn’t have the portrait lighting effects you can apply that the iPhone does. The iPhone 8 Plus is my daily driver – but for purely camera performance I’d easily choose the Pixel 2 for its low light and portrait performance, its really amazing what Google has done with a single sensor.

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