Microsoft Edge browser now available for all Android and iOS users

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Microsoft unveiled a beta version of its Edge web browser last month for iOS and Android. Testers had to sign-up to get special access to the new browser, but Microsoft is making both the Android and iOS versions generally available today. Microsoft Edge for mobile is mainly useful if you tend to resume a lot of browsing from a phone to a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft has integrated its “continue on PC” functionality directly into Edge for iOS and Android, so you can ping a site over to your PC if it’s just not loading properly on mobile or you want to continue with a mouse and keyboard. Edge also includes access to favorites, history, reading list, and ebooks. Sadly, Microsoft still hasn’t added tab syncing to Edge for mobile, so you can’t share tabs or history between PC and phone.

Microsoft is planning to support tab syncing and the iPad at some point in the future, but both features probably won’t arrive until next year. Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android is available on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.


All tens of people who wanted this are excited.

I would be exited if it were true, as Apple is notorious for their ban on competing functionality. Firefox can’t launch a real Firefox browser on iOS because under the hood they would have to use Webkit instead of Gecko. This browser is definitely using webkit on iOS. On Android they were probably lazy and went with Blink, though they had the option of using their own engine.

This seems nitpicky, but in reality it means that the javascript runs as if you are using the iOS browser, not Edge or Firefox.

They are using Blink on Android but they explained it was pointless to try and put their engine in. The main focus is extending Windows 10 functionality. General consumes aren’t wondering what engine is underneath, they want their bookmarks synced.

General Consumers are using Chrome on both platforms.

Microsoft really need to concentrate on making Edge usable on Windows before trying to extend it elsewhere – while it has improved from the shocker it was at launch it’s still very far from being ready for the prime time (especially with the vast strides Firefox 57 has made)

General Consumers are using Chrome on both platforms

Well yeah, but we aren’t talkin about which browsers people are using. We’re talking about the functionality users want.

I’m using Edge on my Surface now, it’s totally useable, but I agree it still isn’t quite here yet.

Chrome doesn’t block ads on iOS, so that really isn’t true. It’s completely unusable for me for this reason alone.

If people love more ads than content and pop up every second then they will love chrome on mobile.

Does Chrome on Android support adblockers yet?

That’s being a bit generous.

Edge’s usage numbers aren’t that terribly low when you consider that the figures usually provided are over all desktops users and Edge is only available on Windows 10. Which means that it’s effectively more than double of the numbers people like to throw around. Which is still not tremendously much, but by far not as terrible.

Do you mean fifty thousand tens of people alone during Preview?

Edge for Android racks up over 500,000 downloads

You came back 4 minutes later just to comment that?

It’s just less then day out of BETA and it has already been downloaded on over a million devices. That’s not the over a billion Chrome devices (though that is a stock app) or the over 100million devices that Opera and FireFox have. But it’s certainly not nothing, in such a short period of time for MS Edge.

I’m on iOS, I downloaded it for all of 20 seconds to check it out then promptly deleted it. I imagine at least a significant portion of those downloads are from people doing the same.

But… why?


The password syncing feature definitely gives this a good reason to exist, it’s not going to steal existing users happy with Chrome but for those using Edge day to day on a PC this is worth trying out

So you don’t like competition ?

They didn’t ask why are other browsers out, just this one. Sounds like they hate Edge in particular.

But why???

  • Have you never had Chrome kill your laptops battery within a few short sweet hours?
  • Have you never tried using Chrome on your phone followed by the OEMs browser and wondered why Chrome was a laggy piece of crap on mobile?
  • Have you never tried Chrome on a touch screen Windows tablet and noticed that it is a terrible touch browser on desktop?

Chrome works just fine for the majority of people, probably why it has so much marketshare.

Doesn’t mean someone else can’t cater to the minority that want something that better addresses their needs.

Further, having alternate options available to steal away market-share from Chrome is a primary reason for Google to improve Chrome rather then let it stagnate.

I am in no way saying there shouldn’t be any competition, just that what you said about Chrome is simply an exaggeration.

How did I exaggerate? I just asked a few questions related to concerns that have been voiced by many, including even the Verge.

I look back and yes, "laggy piece of crap on mobile" was extreme, but many have questioned why OEM browsers, such as Samsung’s perform better then Chrome on mobile.

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