Google Assistant can now tell you what song is playing near you

Google Assistant can now identify what songs are playing around you, in an update that came today to all devices that have Google Assistant.

After summoning Google Assistant, you can ask “what song is this?” or “what song is playing?,” and the Assistant will pull up a card for you with the name of the song, the artist, lyrics, and YouTube, Google Play Music (of course), and Spotify streaming links.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have the ability to passively listen in to music around you and identify the song on the screen, but that song identification only kicks in after about a minute of listening and only works on popular songs. Though that feature remains Pixel-only, today’s update adds the ability to identify songs on-demand for everyone with access to the Google Assistant.


TF took them so long?

Not that big of a competitive priority. They were probably working on ARKit, Airdrop and other iOS features first.

aha! I see what you did there.

Google Now’s search could always do this though. Funny how Google creates competing products within their ecosystem.

I use this feature with Siri all the time. Good to see Google Assistant is starting to catch up.

Every time I ask Siri what song is playing I get Rick Astley.

Siri aint gonna give you up

although it was pretty much hit and miss (possibly because i usually use it in the car) the feature has been available on google now (or whatever was its name) for quite some time.

I always wondered why it wasn’t available with google assistant.

Wait, Google Now is dead? Replaced by assistant?

that’s google’s plan, at least.

Nice! I can’t wait until Google Assistant can do translations!

I’ve been using this on my Android devices for years now. Why is it being reported as something new?
Ok I get it, Google Assistant is different from the regular Google voice command

Well, that is the reason it’s being reported. The assistant is Google’s attempt to finally put together all their voice enabled features. Song recognition was available on Google voice for ages now (but it wasn’t on Google Now for some reason) and they’ve finally incorporated it into the assistant.

No, it was on Google Now for the longest. Google Voice is something completely different. It’s like instead of hearing the voice of God when you ask for forgiveness, you hear the big booming voice of Google instead.

wait, I thought google assistant is way more superior compared to siri since everyone is saying how smart google assistant is and how shitty siri is. And now you’re telling me that they just got this feature, at the tail end of 2017?

Guess that says something about Siri that even without this feature Assistant is leagues better…. We’ve had it on Android for years as well anyway, it just didn’t come into Google Assistant until now for some reason.

I love how you immediately start to defend Google. But I never said Siri is better. In fact, Siri is so bad that being better than it is nothing to be proud of. It’s like getting a "C" in exams and feeling so much better than those who got a "D". All voice assistants are so dumb right now that they have nothing to do with the word "smart". I would just consider them as voice command search tool.

Cortana had this for years !

Android has had this for years as well, you just couldn’t do it from the assistant, which was weird.

So this is like Shazam?

Most important question… can it hear songs playing from the phone? I often have Bluetooth radio streaming to my car Hi-Fi which is when I mostly want to know what stuff is, but Shazam won’t listen because when you activate it it stops playing the music from the phone!

You could do this for years through Google Now, which was what assistant used to be called

Actually, Google Now didn’t support this. Only Google voice search was "smart" enough to recognize music.

Same thing, and you could tap the little music icon when doing a voice search to automatically identify music.

Google Now did this, you can still call Now using the mic icon on the search bar widget

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