Hulu is the first big streaming service coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo’s gaming tablet is finally getting some streaming content. Today, the company revealed its first major media app will be Hulu, which will be available later today. The Switch version will be the full Hulu app, including the company’s live TV package and on-demand subscription service. With the release Hulu becomes the first major streaming service available on the Switch to users in the US.


It’s been a long time coming for Nintendo fans; since the Switch first launched in March, the focus has been almost entirely on games. The console did receive some streaming content with the launch of YouTube-like service Niconico in July, but it was exclusive to Japan. With the very important holiday season soon upon us, it makes sense that big-name services like Hulu are finally coming to the Switch — and hopefully the Netflix and YouTube aren’t far behind.

Update November 9th, 10:25AM ET: This article was updated with additional details from Hulu.


Yes! Just add Netflix and I’m getting one. People swear the switch don’t need this "because everything else has this already." Well, I’m not carrying my ps4 to work. But I do carry an iPad mini for my lunchbreak and I’m just dying to replace it with the Nintendo Switch.

I agree. It doesn’t matter if its on everything else. I want it on this too.

We just need Netflix and Spotify!

We’re waiting for Netflix and Plex to arrive on the Switch. Once those are in place, this will become an easy-to-justify-to-the-wife purchase. Should make 4 and 8 hours road trips with the kids much nicer. Some 1-player gaming while the other kid sleeps, some 2-player gaming when they’re both awake, some shared video watching, etc.

Hopefully they’ll have the VirtualConsole support enabled at the same time as well.

There is no reason to watch Hulu or Netflix or anything on the Switch unless you don’t own a smartphone and the Switch is your most expensive purchase in the last 2 years. Literally any mid tier to flagship smartphone would be better for this. Why shorten the lifetime on your Switch? Leave the rechargeable battery for gaming.

Smartphones aren’t that big and absolutely suck for watching any long videos. I’d rather use a tablet. The switch is a tablet. Why are you bothered by how I’ll use my switch?

No one wants to watch shows on a smartphone.

YouTube clips? Sure. Social media videos? You bet. But a 30 min. to one hour show? Seems way too long to comfortably watch on a smartphone.

"No reason"

Switch has a 6.2" display. My phone has a 5" screen. Conversation over.

Crunchyroll boi, make it happen!

I’m really interested how well Live is gonna work on this thingy. From what I understand they’re combining the mobile and the TV interface?

Netflix’s Switch app better have offline playback when it happens.

Right now it’s limited to certain content (mostly Netflix Originals). So I also hope there will be more downloadable content when Netflix hits the Switch.

A lot of kids shows are downloadable, which has been a godsend on our el cheapo tablets.

Something tells me this is what is holding things up… switch only has 32GB of storage. That could get eaten up pretty quickly leaving less room for store bought games.

Which is why the switch has a MicroSD slot. What’ll be interesting to see is how that storage gets integrated into the system for use by media apps.

It’ll never happen but I’d still love to see a Kodi port. But I’d settle for just Emby or Plex.

And yeah, similar to above, the reason I want it is for traveling. If I want to stream to a TV while traveling I need to bring a Fire TV stick or a Roku stick and their remote and power supply. But my Switch and a USB-C charger (or 3, since my phone and PC also use it) are going to be in my bag anyway. Far simpler to just need a modded dock, and then I get both gaming and streaming on the TV.

I was hoping to see Netflix on the Switch before I bought mine, but now that I actually have a Switch I’d rather use it to play games instead of watch stuff on a small screen. And when it’s docked I don’t want people watching Netflix while I could be busy gaming instead.

But yeah, nice for those who think this is useful, I’m getting a Smart TV instead.

No thanks give me Netflix.

A browser on this would be really nice. Unlike other consoles this is also a tablet after all.

They probably aren’t adding one.

Why do you think that? Every Nintendo device since the DS has had a web browser. The DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U all had web browsers. I’m almost positive the switch will as well at some point.

If the Nintendo faithful are correct and that a browser hasn’t been added because of the possibilities for hacking the switch, then it’s not ever getting added. Could be wrong about that, but they haven’t mentioned it yet. I’d expect by this time next year, it has Netflix but no browser.

Ahh good point. Ever since the 3DS they’ve been cracking down hard on piracy. Hopefully they don’t have to kill the fun for everyone because of some pirates.

This is so not necessary. The low res screen and low battery life make the switch a poor streaming experience. For TVs without built in streaming the chromecast is a way better option

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