Cortana now supports Google Calendar

Microsoft is now allowing its Cortana digital assistant to access Google Calendar data. The software giant has added a new Gmail connection to Cortana, which will enable the digital assistant to access Google Calendar data. If you’re a Windows 10 user that primarily uses a Gmail account, this new feature will make it easier for the assistant to access calendar appointments and trigger reminders across multiple calendars.

The new Google Calendar support also means you can use commands on Cortana-powered speakers like Harman Kardon’s Evoke device, to access calendar information. Cortana apps on platforms like iOS and Android will also be able to read and use the Google Calendar information, too. Microsoft’s Google Calendar support for Cortana is rolling out to Windows 10 PCs right now, and you can access it in the connected accounts section of Cortana’s notebook settings.


Not sure If I want to try it!… My Google calendar is already synchronized with my Hotmail

Also Cortana wants to destroy the universe. Based on Halo 5


Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. A long time.

Well, Hotmail is basically Outlook.

Don’t forget live mail!

Sweet! Hopefully Cortana continues to improve. I actually use it on my PC for taking reminders and stuff. Google assistant for other more complex stuff as it is more mature.

Now am hoping Google Home will support Outlook calendar!

Good joke!

outlook doesnt support outlook calendar.

The speaker is called the Harman Kardon Invoke. Invoke.

Tom, Tom, Tom….you used to be "Mr. Microsoft" at the Verge……now you cannot even get the name of Cortana’s Invoke speaker right….Evoke lol?

It’s been slashed from $199 to $99 ever since Black Friday btw

It’s Invoke….and it’s $100 off….only $99 right now

Is that the speaker that looks like a fleshlight?

Wish I hadn’t looked up what a "fleshlight" is while at work.

You might want to cut back on the porn just a bit….imagining speakers to look like your favorite sex toy is a good sign of an issue….. it doesn’t respond to ohhh Cortana baby….just "hey Cortana"

This is essentially CalDAV and CardDAV support built into Windows 10 itself, right? Does this mean I no longer have to ‘subscribe’ to my google calendar, but can now actually manage it within the Calendar app itself? If so this is freaking awesome.

That sounds great, but how would that be different than how it is now. I can’t remember if I have default functionality of if I’ve just hacked my calendar in kinda doing my bidding.

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