Google and Amazon are in ‘productive’ talks to keep YouTube on Fire TV

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Fire TV owners might not be losing YouTube after all. This afternoon, a Google spokesperson told The Verge that the companies are engaged in “productive discussions” in hopes of reaching “an agreement for the benefit of our mutual customers.” Such an agreement would almost certainly result in the massively popular video app staying put on Amazon’s streaming devices.

The new statement comes on the same day that Amazon announced it would resume sales of the Google Chromecast and Apple TV after dropping them from its store more than two years ago. Other Google-branded products like Google Home remain unavailable from

Amazon’s decision could be viewed as an olive branch intended to ease a growing and very public feud between two tech giants. And now Google is responding in kind, offering a fair amount of hope that it might cancel earlier plans to pull YouTube off the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as of January 1st, 2018. YouTube has already been removed from the Echo Show (twice), which led Amazon to criticize Google for selectively blocking access to “an open website.”


Missed that news yesterday that Amazon’s selling Chromecast’s and Apple TV’s. That’s pretty big. Might we finally get Amazon Video on Chromecast? One can only hope.

God I hope so. I would use Prime Video so much more if I could watch it via my Chromecast.

Agreed. Google has the upper hand here so I would expect Amazon to do whatever Google asks

Amazon pulled the Chromecast to prevent confusion among its users on how to watch Amazon Video. They could have just built Chromecast into Amazon Video, confusion abated, and enjoyed the profits of selling Chromecast for 2 years.

Never thought I’d see the day. Next thing you know they’ll be selling cat’s and dog’s.

Cat’s and dog’s…. Chromecasts?

You da real MVP…

About time Amazon realized it’s not all take and no give.

Olive branch? I hardly believe selling Chromecasts again was a kind gesture by Amazon. I think they knew Google had more leverage in this scenario. And Google flat out said this was one of the reasons they pulled YouTube from Fire devices. I’d hardly expect Google to restore YouTube without Amazon complying with their demands.

Some don’t realize that Google could have done much worse. The operating system that the FireTV devices run on, is a customized version of Android – and Android is owned by Google. Google could revoke their licensing, making millions of FireTV devices inoperable. Google was being nice…

Uhh, no they couldn’t have. Amazon or anyone is free to use the Android Open Source Project as they wish.

The only control that Google exercises over Android is whether or not they allow Google services on the devices, for example the Google Play Store, Gmail, etc. Amazon’s version of Android does not have Google services on it other than the Youtube app that is at the crux of this fight.

There is so many other things Google could have done and if Amazon still will not behave should. Google allows the Echo to use Google services. Amazon now uses k8s and TF. Google allows the Amazon app in their play store.

This is a start by Amazon but not nearly enough. Amazon must be pressured to end their anti-competitive sh*t.

It’s funny how you’re not concerned about Google’s anti-competitive sh*t.

Amazon doesn’t license Android from Google. They are using the open source Android OS. They are not using any Google components that need a licensing agreement with Google.

Open source software has a license. Amazon does NOT pay Google but yes they license the Android code.

"Android Open Source Project License"

Google could change the conditions if they wanted to anytime.

I hope that Google holds out to force Amazon to support Android TV and Chromecast. They need to show that bad behavior and an unwillingness to compromise means that when they do finally get you to acquiesce, the cost is going to be much higher. They could also put extra ads on videos watched on Amazon devices. I’m just spitballing here. :evilgrin:

Amazon isn’t extending jack squat. They tried to force/trick/persuade everyone to buy their products by purposefully not selling Google or Apple products.

Any way your slice it Amazon knew they owned online shopping and used that to gain an unfair advantage.

Google should not let them have YouTube until all their hardware is available and prime can use Chromecast… And that’s being KIND on Google’s part

Amazon realized that they need Google more than Google needs them.

Hope Google makes them comply with everything before letting YouTube back on the platform.

When all the tech news headlines are littered with articles about selling apple tv and chromcast (really can’t believe that is news btw) then doesn’t it kind of go without saying that youtube will stay on the fire devices?

No it does not mean YT comes back to the Fire. This is not nearly enough. Amazon does not allow anyone to sell Google Homes on the Amazon marketplace. So many other anti-competitive things Amazon continues to do.

Google has all the cards and should not give in until Amazon completely behaves themselves.

Google should not give in until Amazon ends completely their anti-competitive behavior. There is still no new Nest hardware or Google Home allowed to be sold by anyone on the Amazon marketplace.

Plus Amazon is hijacking search for Chromecast and Google Home to trick people. Google has all the cards and this is not nearly enough.

Well, it comes down to Amazon not being dicks. I mean if they choose to become the world’s retailer of EVERYTHING, selectively choosing not to sell competitor’s products is not acceptable.

Amazon has to decide if it wants to be an eCommerce giant, or a tech company.

In fact I think this raises the question that perhaps Amazon should be forced to split into two companies, one that manages retail only, and one that manages its tech services and products.

On the other hand, it is painfully easy to buy any of Google’s products anywhere else, even in brick and mortar stores, so why is Google crying about not being on the Amazon marketplace? Does Google think people don’t know how to Google "I want to buy Nest" or "I want to buy Chromecast" and buy Nest or a Chromecast direct from Google? Is Google, who is trying to set up their own retail marketplace, actually saying that you can’t successfully sell a product unless its on I just bought a bunch of stuff direct from and it arrived the next day, I mean why is Google caring if they are sold through Amazon?

Both of these companies are being infants about all this, its just that Amazon is being the dick bully and Google is throwing a spastic tantrum, but this all reflects poorly on the quality of executive leadership at both companies.

In fact I think this raises the question that perhaps Amazon should be forced to split into two companies, one that manages retail only, and one that manages its tech services and products.

The "tech sevices and products" entity isn’t going to do very well since those products generally suck.

Some may try and deny it but it’s hard to argue against the fact that Amazon is the defacto online shopping store and in fact owns a majority of shopping searches as well.

So yes, products NOT being an Amazon has a huge effect on any companies sales when the majority of "gadgets" are likely purchased online.

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