Disney is once again in talks to acquire 21st Century Fox

In November, word broke that Disney and 21st Century Fox had begun to discuss the possibility of Disney acquiring most of Fox’s film and television assets, but just as quickly, it became clear that those discussions had since ended. Now, it seems as though those talks are back on, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ cites reports of people familiar with the situation who say that the talks are currently active and are gaining momentum, although it’s possible that they could once again fall through. As previously rumored, the talks concern Fox’s movie and television studios, international assets, and some domestic television networks, excluding Fox News and Sports. Rupert Murdoch and his family are reportedly expected to decide whether or not to sell by the end of the year.

If the deal goes through, it would mean a huge addition to Disney’s already vast content library. Amongst Fox’s assets are some Marvel properties such as its X-Men franchise as well as James Cameron’s Avatar franchise, all of which would likely be welcome additions to Disney’s upcoming streaming service.


The Economist had an interesting piece about Murdoch looking to sell significant parts of his empire at what could well be their peak price.


Disney would likely not be interested in the entire package and that is probably where this breaks down if Comcast or another buyer is willing to take the whole shebang off their hands.

Ugh. So I guess all our entertainment must come from Disney in the future, huh?

…or Netflix or Amazon.

But the bonus is, everyone can stop moaning about geoblocking. There will be three (or maybe four) global streaming services and they will all make their own exclusive content. What, you thought there was any other solution to geoblocking besides severe industry consolidation?

all your entertainment are belong to us

Rupert Murdoch really doesn’t want to get rid of his propaganda machine. Selling everything but Fox News.

More like, nobody wants to buy Murdoch’s propaganda machine. News isn’t a very lucrative business compared with entertainment, where you can sell the same content over and over to a global audience and amortize the hell out of the costs. But what counts as "truth" in one place is "propaganda" elsewhere. Can’t globalize news.

Fox News is profitable for Murdoch; in the Economist article that the mod linked to in the comments, it’s noted that Fox News generates $2.2bn in EBITDA. That is hardly a trifle.

Shh…. nerdrage doesn’t want facts. He wants to be a virtuous warrior for the left.

Without Fox’s other channels Fox news might not be included with many basic cable packages.

Make x-men great again. FF4 never was good, sorry, except for a couple of histories from John Byrne.

Nonsense. There are tons of great FF runs, my favourite being Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s from about 15 years ago.

Wow, they really want Deadpool on their MCU.

Maybe we can have the fox fanfare at the start of Star Wars movies again?

My first thought as well!

The fanfare will be nice….but give me the original trilogy remastered on 4k and UNaltered.

The prospect of that is what has me excited, far fetched as it probably is.

You’re going to have to wait until George Lucas is dead and buried for that. And by ‘you’ I of course mean ‘we’ TT_TT

Lucas doesn’t have anything to say about it anymore.

You want it unaltered… but remastered and in 4k.

So you don’t want it unaltered. You just want it altered in ways you approve of.

Content – audio and video alike – has been added to and removed from Star Wars going back as far as July 1977. There’s no such thing as "unaltered" unless you really, really want the version that played in theaters for like, two months in ’77, in which case… why? Good lord. Talk about pedantic.

Talk about pedantic.

I think that actually describes you, in this case.

We really need to stop these entertainment companies merging. Like seriously, Disney owns a shit ton of stuff right now. Between them, Sinclair, Verizon and Comcast it is just crazy.

I agree. It’s starting to become worrying at how many brands/companies Disney has bought (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.)

Star Wars isn’t a market, it is an IP. Nothing is stopping other people from making new films to compete just because they can’t make a Star Wars film.

Now, buying one of the handful of the big film-making machines in a very limited market, that’s a reasonable concern.

Even if Disney buys both star wars and star trek, doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on space drama franchise.

He meant Lucasfilm, don’t be that way. You know what he meant, and it’s a valid point.

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