This burger chain recognizes your face to place an order

A California burger company called CaliBurger has introduced AI-enabled Kiosks to its stores, as spotted by Business Insider. The kiosk can identify a customer, pulling up their loyalty account and order preferences after they look into the camera. As a customer approaches the kiosk, they’ll be given the option to access their account without entering any details or swiping a card. The loyalty account remembers what they’ve ordered in the past and allows customers to place orders in seconds, the company claims.

It’s a pilot program at the moment and is being trialed at CaliBurger’s Pasadena store. If successful, it’ll be rolled out to more locations next year. "Our goal for 2018 is to replace credit card swipes with face-based payments. Facial recognition is part of our broader strategy,” said CEO of Cali Group John Miller in a statement. Facial payments are a feature we’ve seen before, with KFC in China testing the ability earlier this year.

Cali Group worked with NEC Corporation of America to integrate NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology into the kiosks. CaliBurger has also previously committed to using robots to flip its burgers and help out in the kitchen.


There’s a lot of tech around at the moment looking for the killer app. Regarding face recognition and the myriad ways of defeating it, I wonder if some kind of blockchain descendant would be a good way of increasing the security, i.e. every time my face is scanned and authenticated, it’s saved as a kind of delta against every previous scan, and the trend/deviation could be analysed for trust % – example, if I visibly lost weight (let’s say 20kg )between two scans but one was this morning and one was this afternoon, the trust rating would be very low. If my hair colour changed however, the device might ask me to double authenticate as my hair had changed in a short period of time. An individual could review their history and see how they changed. Just thinking out loud.

Looks familiar….Idiocracy all over again…

Just wait til The Rock is president. Then we’ll have a wrestler in the White House.

In other words customers are pain in the ass so if you could just do the order yourself we would be glad. I’m mean you clean up after yourself when you are done eating so why would you mind taking and making the order yourself while still paying us.

So instead of having staff at the counter taking your order then saving it to a RFID piece of plastic for future use which you could just swipe at the counter next time or maybe even generating QR for you so you could save it on your phone and just use NFC afterwards they have you stand in front of the stupid slow big screen, tapping it all over the place and then touching your food with those dirty fingers.

Amazing what would people do to come up with marketing gimmicks.

It’s less a marketing gimmick and more of a response to incompetent employees not being able to push a button when ordering.

It’s one thing when the receipt says the correct thing and the chef misses a line. But when I tell you no lettuce and you don’t hit the no lettuce button…. I’m not sure why that’s so hard.

I cannot wait until all fast food employees are replaced with robots. Maybe then they’d get an order correct for once.

How about create an app that lets me order, remembers my order for next time or let’s me change it if I would like. That seems more sensible than having me stand in front of a machine that captures my face and saves it and information about me. Also, an app is faster and orders can be placed in advance. Also, it would cost the store almost nothing since everyone has a phone on them already and no giant machines need to be installed. Also, then they could pay through the app. Seems like a dumb gimmick.

Also, places that let you enter your own order are so much better. As noted, you don’t need to worry about someone not entering your order right, plus instead of having 4 cashiers entering orders, you have more bodies actually preparing food. It can speed up the process greatly if well implemented.

Honestly, I got a radical new idea.

Why not just have the customer walk up to a person, give a verbal command of want, and then proceed to answer a series of yes/no question and then give method of payment.

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