Netflix is moving forward with the final season of House of Cards

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Netflix’s first original series House of Cards has been on hold ever since sexual abuse allegations surfaced against lead actor Kevin Spacey, but today, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that the service plans to move forward with the final season of the series. The executive made the comments during the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York.

According to Variety, the final season of House of Cards will include eight episodes (previous seasons have been 13 episodes long), and will focus on Robin Wright’s character Claire Underwood. Spacey will not be involved, as Netflix announced last month that it would no longer be working with him. Production will resume in January.

House of Cards was shooting its sixth season when actor Anthony Rapp said in a BuzzFeed interview that Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him when Rapp was just 14. The interview quickly led to a flood of similar allegations against Spacey, with some detailing inappropriate behavior on the set of the Netflix show itself. The streaming service and its production partner Media Rights Capital almost immediately suspended production, with the fate of the season left up in the air. Along with announcing that the show will be moving forward, Sarandos also described the revamped final season as a “good creative conclusion” to the series’s larger story.


Cast Christopher Plummer as frank underwood.

Honestly, just recasting Frank Underwood would probably be the least ridiculous thing this show has done in the next 2-3 seasons.

Claire was the more interesting character in the first place. Robin Wright is great.

Eh. The show became unwatchable after season 2.

yeah I 100% agree. the writers seemed to forget what made the show good in the first two seasons and forgot who the characters even were. They pulled the same old tired tricks of flipping character traits to spice things up.

Season 2’s finale was a great ending to the show, and IMO thats where it ends for me. It was a very tight show for 2 seasons.

That was the last season I watched.

I think they will kill off Underwood (with a body-double) in the first 5 minutes and deal with the fallout for the remainder of the season. Maybe a terrorist attack.

If they really wanted to screw with Underwoods character, they would just give him a heart attack.

Didn’t he have already have one heart attack, or am I just imagining that?

I mean people definitely have multiple heart attacks in real life, but if he’s already had one, it does seem a little lazy for the writers to let a second one be the explanation of him not being around.

Or I’m just wrong

A terrorist attack would be easiest to write him out of because you could just show footage of a car exploding etc, with no need for doubles etc.

Yeah a second heart attack does seem somewhat lazy.

He hangs himself after Claire refuses to pardon him.

With the way things ended last season, it wouldn’t be too hard to write him out of the show.

Maybe Zoe comes back as a ghost and kills him?

It’s not the first Netflix original. That was Orange is the new black

Uh no, you’re absolutely wrong

House of Cards was February 2013 while Orange is the New Black was July 2013.

Lilyhammer with Steven Van Zandt was the first.

That was a Norwegian show (co-produced by NRK), not a true Netflix original series.

Stranger Things was the first because 80s!

Frontier takes place in the 1700s!

Too shay.

To be honest, this is overdue. There have been several points where I have rooted for Claire Underwood to break from her husband and take control away from him. Would have made for a far more interesting show.

Except we’d need him there for at least a little, to show how it happens. Simply removing him from the show and explaining it with bs like "1 year later" and a headline "Frank dead" is the worst.

I’d be perfectly fine with just a straight up re-casting of the Frank Underwood character. It happens all the time. That way it minimizes the impact on the rest of the cast/crew and anyone else with a stake in the show and the work that it’s created.

Let’s not have Netflix jump on the "new Darren" train. While it was tolerable for sitcoms 40 years ago, it’s just plain dumb to introduce such incredible discontinuity to a plot-arc driven show.

Personally, I’m not bothered by recasting. I know a lot of people struggle with differentiating between actor and character, but the show’s overall story is better than Spacey’s individual performance. I’d be OK with it.

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