#DeleteUber reportedly led 200,000 people to delete their accounts

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As part of the widespread #DeleteUber protest that erupted on social media over the last week, more than 200,000 Uber accounts were deleted, according to a report from The New York Times. The size and scale of the protest is immense, and the mounting pressure was what led to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepping down from his position on President Donald Trump’s economic advisory council.

“Earlier today I spoke briefly with the president about the immigration executive order and its issues for our community,” Kalanick wrote in a statement released earlier today. “I also let him know that I would not be able to participate on his economic council. Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that.”

It appears Uber was facing both external and internal pressures beyond the mass deletions of its app. The New York Times says a contentious all-hands meeting on Tuesday had Kalanick grappling with serious staff grievances over the perceived relationship between Uber, its chief executive, and the Trump administration. Some employees even told Kalanick that they were suffering a personal cost similar to social stigma just from working at Uber.

The following day, a 25-page Google Docs file titled “Letters to Travis” began circulating at the company, according to The New York Times. It outlined employees’ dissatisfaction with how Kalanick had handled Uber’s relationship with Trump. Kalanick capitulated the following day and resigned from his position on Trump’s council.

- Source: The New York Times


Stupid beyond measure.

You force everyone with a brain and a conscience out of that room and all that will be left in Trump’s ear is a bunch of science deniers and conspiracy theorists.

You idiots are going to cause World War 3.

First, it’s the economic advisory council, not the State Department of the Department of Defense.

Second, I don’t think there are any grounds to suggest that Travis Kalanick has a conscience.

Third, the Uber-deleters and other protestors are not the idiots here. The idiots are the people who voted for Trump.

Ah, is that how it works? Please tell me one person with a brain and a conscience that works for Trump, and even more specifically that he listens to. Give me one. You rant is based on something that was never going to happen in the first place. (And I think it would be hard to argue that Kalanick has much of a conscience outside of business uber alles.)

Elon Musk. He’s on the same council and will stay there, even though he clearly stated he doesn’t share the opinion of Trump on almost every field.

Elon Musk doesn’t work for Trump. He is not part of the White House staff, he is not part of the cabinet, he is not a secretary/agency head/etc. He is a volunteer on a council the president runs. And there’s still absolutely zero evidence that Trump is listening to him.

Although I do see that I changed the meaning from what the original person posted to someone who works for Trump. My mistake. Your point is taken, ZX-6R.

Maybe you missed the part where Kalanick is a right-wing, anti-government whackjob. I guarantee you he voted for Trump.

If you thought there was something good to gain from his kind collaborating with Trump… I have bad news for you.

I get that about Musk. But Uber and its leadership has NEVER tried to be the "good guys." So from that point of view, Kalanick is no better than say Rex Tillerson.

I think Trump is trying to do that with or without an advisory council.

When it doubt, vote with your wallets people.

True, but I would be interested in the figures showing the percentage of that number were active users. If the vast majority only used the service for a free initial ride, or haven’t in six months plus, then I’d assert it was an empty gesture.

Not an empty gesture at all since they actually effected change – Kalanick quit the council.

hit him where it hurts.

that said, i feel 200k accounts is merely a drop in the bucket? i do see a possibility that many accounts lost could be from big cities on the coasts – arguably uber’s major markets

Why no #deletelyft considering that Carl Ichan invested the upwards of 100 million dollars in Uber and serves a a special advisor to President Trump? I guess people forget. It’s almost just like people had blinders on and were looking for something to spew anger out at and this just showed up

So what? Just because this particular action wasn’t 100% perfect doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful.

#DeleteTaxis they also use independent contractors.

Still don’t understand why exactly people are pooping themselves over this but it’s absolutely ridiculous. Since when do we need CEOs and the like to validate our sense of right and wrong? He’s not the one that put that legislature into action, people seem to just be getting angry so they can "join in" and as a result are mad at the wrong person imo. Be mad because of the actual injustice s taking place not because you want retweets

Tell that to the people who fought successfully in the Birmingham bus boycott….I guess all they wanted was retweets… You are not the arbiter of how people will protest. It takes many forms.

Birmingham bus boycott is lightyears different from this ridiculous Uber situation. In Birmingham they were boycotting a company that was directly discriminating against non-whites. This Uber business is people getting up in arms because the CEO of a company was on an advisory committee for a President who sorely needs advice from outside his inner circle of yes-men. Oh and Uber also canceled surge pricing 30 minutes after a taxi strike was over so that they would not profit off of the increased demand cause by the strike and were then accused of "strike-breaking". Completely absurd.

I like how you purposely neglect to mention that the President in question has issued executive orders that perpetuate discrimination against minority groups. So no, the crux behind the Birmingham bus boycott isn’t "lightyears" different from this one. The principle is the same: you endorse bigotry and I won’t endorse you with my wallet. Simple as.

But the principle is not the same. Uber did not and has never endorsed bigotry. Boycotting Uber will have no effect whatsoever on Trump’s policy decisions except that it removes a potential voice counter to those decisions from his advisory committee. People want to boycott Trump branded items, great! But don’t punish the priest because he talks to sinners (not a 1:1 analogy, but I like it anyway).

Back to the topic at hand, Uber should not have been punished for trying to give advice to someone making bad decisions. Before any of the backlash against Uber even started, Uber’s CEO announced that it would be providing compensation to all Uber drivers that were stuck outside the country as a result of Trump’s ban. Uber’s CEO also talked about how he was going to strongly protest the policy at their first committee meeting. All actions taken BEFORE #DeleteUber became a thing. Those are not the actions of a CEO (or company) that should be boycotted for "bigotry".

How many Sgned back up after making their social statement by deleting the app?

Who cares? The action worked: Kalanick quit the council, the media paid attention, other companies are on alert. Doesn’t seem unreasonable for deleters to sign up again.

I’m sure all those immigrant drivers are delighted about this.

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