Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 11th

Minecraft is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Today Nintendo revealed that the best-selling crafting game will launch on its new console on May 11th. The Switch edition looks to be much the same as the Wii U version, complete with Super Mario Bros.-themed content exclusive to Nintendo platforms. And while Minecraft is already available on a huge range of devices, the portable / console nature of Switch could potentially make this an ideal version.


Yesssssss! This should make flights less boring.

Well I’m not interested in Minecraft but this will in no doubt sell tons.

A Microsoft game in Switch, next would be Halo

This might get me to actually give Minecraft a try after all these years.

£40 I read.
How much did it cost to port to the switch. Very little in the scheme of things I’d imagine.

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