Here’s how to activate YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode

Next time you’re staying up till three in the morning mindlessly watching YouTube videos, why not give your eyes a rest and turn the lights out? As discovered by Reddit, YouTube now a secret dark mode that’s easy to activate. Here’s how you do it:

Light goes on, light goes off; light goes on, light goes off.

This feature hasn’t yet been officially announced, but it’s part of a number of changes YouTube is testing for the website’s design. To our eyes it looks pretty slick, and hopefully will be here to stay. Happy browsing.


This is amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a great advancement in my quest to make everything in my life white-on-black text/media.

Now when’s The Verge gonna jump on the dark theme wagon?


a proper dark mode should be standard across the board on all browsers at this point.

I sooo agree. With everything being most commonly white background with black text, exactly how hard would it be to write in the logic to flip the output colors and make it black background with white text?

Because perfect black on perfect white, or the other way around, is a flat out terrible idea. The contrast is much too great to actually be pleasing to view. Just the right hue has to be picked.

I think you know precisely what I meant Mr Literal… it was a very basic example.

It’s easy. I have a shortcut on my bookmark bar that runs a (java?)script to change the colors on the page. Backgrounds become black and text turns light grey. I would share but I’m at work right now.

OOoh. Light on black should be the default for any media oriented site.

This story is a little obsolete. I’ve had it for at least a couple of months already. I mean Dark Mode is under your profile photo and scroll down and dark mode is right there to be activated. Then again I have YouTube Red so maybe that’s why it’s so easy to discover. But pasting cookies and all that stuff seems like a ridiculous workaround if you ask me.

Lil help, please? My Chrome is up to date and I’m a Red user, too, but when I click my profile photo I do not see a drop-down — not even after clicking the Settings icon. Any tips you could share?

Have you done the steps in the article?

It hasn’t been rolled out yet and it takes 2 seconds to do this.

Must be a headache for the team running this A/B test.

Oh thank god. Thank you YouTube. clears Stylebot settings

This is the most exciting thing to happen to me all week!!!

You dont have to be on Chrome. It also works with the latest Firefox and Edge. F12 on either to access the development tools, and then the same steps as in the article.

I tried on the latest firefox with no luck, are you a wizard?



Here’s how both Firefox and Edge look for me

Primitive Technology is quality content highly recommended.

So, not available on Chromebook? Come on, Google!

of course it works on Chromebooks…I just did it

Good to know…the article only gives instructions for Windows or Mac, suggesting that this is not available on other platforms.

Update: Nope. At least not on my Asus Chromebook Flip. I made sure it had the latest update, then followed the instructions above, and no Dark Mode toggle appeared.

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