Apple’s GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork apps are now completely free

Apple is making its GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) apps totally free for all Mac OS and iOS customers as of today. In late 2013, Apple began offering the software for free to anyone that purchased a new Apple device — either a Mac or iPhone / iPad — on or after September 1st, 2013.

Owners of older hardware who wanted to install the apps had to pay for them. iMovie and Garageband were $4.99 for iOS, according to 9to5Mac, and the iWork apps were each $9.99. Some of their desktop Mac counterparts were more expensive; iMovie was $14.99 and Pages, Numbers, and Keynote were the priciest at $19.99 each.

Apple’s Eddy Cue at a 2013 event. Previously, these apps were only “free” with a recent Apple hardware purchase.

But now, no one has to pay anything to use these apps anymore. Some of them — GarageBand in particular — remain killer apps for iOS with no direct Android competitor. (Google has said that it plans to include new APIs and features focused on musicians in Android O.) Some are great, others are okay, but none of them are really bad, so they’re definitely worth trying if you somehow haven’t yet.


But will they reimburse the people that bought them previous to today

Usually inside a buffer of a few days or so.

Apple’s stance on things like this are usually ~30 days, though I can’t guarantee this one.

Nice move. Every used MacBook now has more value.

I find this a bad move. It’s a move to make them like addon features for iOS devices.
It leads to less focus on them and the free to play model is bad for the software market overall and ultimately also for users, the platform holders should do moves to de emphasise them, not push it further.

the free to play model is bad

It’s not free to play, it’s just free.

It takes a fervid imagination to spin this as a negative.

No, it doesn’t. Apple’s own software has gone down in quality over the past few years, that’s no imagination but commonly accepted. One reason for that is that instead of seeing their software as products by themselves they changed their stance to treat it like just freebie give aways for iOS and Mac devices which has had very noticeable impact on how much (few) they push it instead of treating it like "good enough for free".

And something does not have to be free to play as in with in app purchases to push the free to play model, a platform holder can for example also do that by making all their software free to download and hence forcing a certain price model more.

It might be ‘commonly accepted’ but it’s easily challenged.

Each and every one of those apps is useful, works well and can output high quality product by someone who takes the time to use them properly.

I was mainly talking about several of the other apps by apple which were previously paid and then were made free like the iWorks suite etc for which one can already see major degradations regarding functionality and how much (few) they are developed further properly.
Regarding this set of apps now added to those free apps list, yeah, we’ll see over time whether it’ll have the same effect for those (which i find quite likely)

The OS upgrades for iOS and Macs are free too. I mean is the OS "good enough for free" too? That must mean Windows is better. Unless it’s in that narrow window of time between releases if you buy a new computer you get a free upgrade for Windows. For Apple devices if the hardware is still "supported" it’s a free upgrade.

iOS has massively gone down in reliability and stability, and i would even argue in intuitive usability over the last few years.
But hey, it’s still great overall, it was on such high usability and right decisions for a mobile platform level that it takes a while to trash something like that fully
But yeah, it is only not fallen behind more since they copy enough features of the competition meanwhile, i see very few meaningful innovation there.
Especially the homescreen looked at on an iPad is ridiculous in 2017.
Just like that a less than 100 bucks kindle fire has multiple user handling while a many times more expensive apple tablet doesn’t.
But hey, it’ll probably get it some time this year, many years overdue

Regarding macOS: I still think it is far superior than windows in many aspects, too, but yes, that too has sadly gone downhill over the last few updates.

I wonder if the in-app purchases are included as well or those remain to be bought after install (the extended library in GarageBand, for eg.)

They are free as well, except the music tutor lessons one.

Good move. GarageBand is the best amateur-edging-into-prosumer-grade DAW I’ve ever seen, and iMovie occupies a comparable role in the video editing space. Making them and their iWork cousins freely available is just makes them that little bit more accessible.

Now if only they could upgrade all of their paid sets.

i am guessing this is pure accounting

by now, 3.5years after the forst offer – anyone who wanted to, already has them for free. Because they have likely bought a new device in that time.

there is simply no new market to pay for them anymore since any new user to the ecosystem could have them free anyway.

so offering them free is moot

not entirely, if you bought one second hand, even if it was an half a year old phone, I think you still had to buy them

i suppose you are right

there are people who never buy a new device.

This is great for anyone who didn’t have these yet. Getting iMovie and GarageBand for free were important factors when I was buying my Mac.

Looks like Apple is starting to get serious with Productivity apps. They can’t challenge Microsoft in Enterprise. But they can grab Some of Google’s small business customers if they get into hosting sites.

iWork on Mac was heading towards abandonware anyways so makes sense

Apple’s Presentation app Keynote, is excellent! It’s a big reason Apple’s Presentations are smoother than all the other tech giants.

Nonsense. The apps have had updates within the last 60 days. Did you just make that up?

Actually they were updated in the last couple of weeks(macOS). But thanks for playing.

So you prove my point, then expect me to feel bad about it? GET BETTER AT THIS.

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