Google Photos now lets you send images to your TV using AirPlay

The most recent update to Google Photos’ iOS app now lets you send images from an iPhone to your TV, so long as you have an Apple TV streaming box hooked up. The update, out today, uses AirPlay to transmit the images, letting you browse on the Google Photos app and choose which ones you’d like to beam to the big screen.

It’s not a super groundbreaking update, yet it is the kind of cross-platform functionality you’d imagine would have existed already and inexplicably did not. Given Google’s expertise in developing top-class software for the iPhone — if you haven’t tried Motion Stills, do so now — it’s a bit of a mystery what took so long for AirPlay streaming to come to Google Photos. But as they say, better late than never.


At this point I think Google Cast has become the norm for streaming anything to your TV. Either you have a Chromecast, a Cast enabled device, or a TV with Cast built in.

Good to see they are also catering to the niche that doesn’t have Cast but does have Apple TV though.

Isn’t the first sentence a bit misleading? An iOS user for Google Photos that owns a Chromecast can do a similar phone-to-TV sharing experience. I’m only saying this because my father sent me this article (he’s a huge Google Photos user) and he thought it meant Chromecast support was deprecated.

Tech help for parents is always fun.

How many iOS users have Chromecast?

Exactly why they’re adding support for Apple TV, to cater to the iPhone audience.

The majority of Chromecast owners are probably iOS users. It’s $35 vs. $150 for an Apple TV. And all major iOS apps support it.

If you can afford an iPhone you aren’t going to necessarily baulk at a $150 for the vast amount of extra functionality it gives over the Chromecast. And dont forget the previous gen ATV was selling for $59 before they dropped it. If price was asuch and issue, they would have kept it on sale.

I, for one, got an Apple TV over Chromecast for functionality reasons, easier to stay in the ecosystem and paying ~$100 more isn’t much for a device that lasts me ~5 years.

I have the gen 4 one at home (or rather it is packed in a box with all my stuff waiting to be shipped here!) and also have a gen 3 which I carry around with nbe for use with presentations and on hotel TVs. A Chromecast type plug-in might be handier for that but otherwise the ATV is streets ahead in functionality and performance.

I’m not convinced that even iOS users (who haven’t purchased an AppleTV already) will pass up Chromecast given the price difference. In fact, I’d say Apple’s distinct advantage of seamless integration across devices as a justification to pay a premium is slowly eroding as a result of less costly alternatives that perform just as well. Case in point: you can purchase a Chromecast Ultra with 4K capability for less than half ($69 USD) of what an AppleTV will run you without 4K capability ($149.00 USD). I have a 4K TV with a smartphone that supports 4K video, so this is a big deal to me.

I think they’ll have 4K version pretty soon and it will have the power to drive it properly. I believe the Chromecast 4K stutters very badly if you are actually using 4K content

Huh? I have a Chromecast 4k and have never seen it stutter. I’m sure any stuttering is due to slow internet connections that cannot handle 4k.

The Chromecast wouldn’t have become the de facto standard if it had stuttering issues. It sells because it works.

Do a search on Chromecast stutter

vast amount of extra functionality it gives over the Chromecast.

Lol what useful functionality is it it gives?

Is it the longer time it take for from going I want to watch x movie on netflix to actually watching it? is it the fact that if I’m sitting with friends and one of them want to show a youtube video, but they have an android phone so someone with an iPhone will have to find it? Is it the terrible remote, that you stop using after the first week you got it?

None of those – Watching anything on Netfkix is just as fast as any other system, you can use Youtube natively on the device and the remote works very well but, of course, you dont have to use it if you have an iOS devices as you use it.
Vastly better app and games support and overall performance.

Yeah, Chromecast seems so rudimentary compared with Apple TV. 150 bucks is peanuts for the functionality that 4th gen ATV give me and my family.

Chromecast sucks from an iPhone because its app dependent. Nothing like the system wide implementation on Android.

it is the kind of cross-platform functionality you’d imagine would have existed already and inexplicably did not

I’d like to think they were concentrating on getting it right on their own platform first. It took a couple of years for Photos to work reliably with Chromecast without juddery transitions and hanging screens. Hopefully Apple TV will work well from the start.

Casting has never been an issue for me with Google Photos as I have a TV with Cast already baked into the TV itself. However, one difference I’ve noticed between Google Photos and Apple Photos is the ability to run a slide show on my TV. Apple Photos makes it extremely easy to showcase pictures in a slideshow format accompanied by music. Does anyone happen to know of an equivalent option for Google Photos? Or do I have to export the pics on to third party software? Thanks in advance.

You can create a slideshow right in Google Photos. If you click on Assistant and then create a movie, you can pick up the pictures and videos you want to include in the slideshow. From there, you can add a filter, import music or use one of their own, re-arrange the order of things.

It’s pretty quick and easy. I ran into the same issue when I imported pictures I took of friends for their engagement shots and wanted to put it on my TV to show them in a slideshow.

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