Google’s Trips app is becoming an even better travel companion

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Google introduced an app called Trips last year to help people organize their travel plans and figure out what to do once they arrive at their destination. And today, the app is getting a few new features that’ll make it even more useful.

First up, Trips will now automatically pull in train and bus tickets that have been sent to your Gmail address. The app already collates all of your flight, hotel, and car reservations, so today’s update makes its overview of your travel plans far more comprehensive.

It sounds small, but that addition really sells me on using this app: I have a trip planned a couple months from now, and the app automatically pulled in my flights, Airbnb reservation, and three train tickets I have booked. (Though the app did incorrectly identify the Airbnb reservation as part of a separate trip, during the same dates to the same location.) All the information can be saved for offline viewing, which is great if you’re heading somewhere with limited cell service.

Google has also added the option to manual add reservations, which’ll be useful for anything it still doesn’t pick up.

The final new addition today is the ability to share trips with others. I’m not actually seeing this right now on the Android version of Trips, so it may not be live yet, but it makes a ton of sense and seems like a really handy way of sharing info with everyone you’re traveling with.


Just a quick correction: The option to manually add reservations is not working on iOS at the moment. The button is there but tapping it doesn’t do anything. Not sure if that’s the case on Android, but on iOS it’s bugged.

This app is a nightmare. I really wish it would work, but if you change only a bit of a trip, it may simple disappear and you can’t bring it back. Several peopole have this problem for over a year and still no fix from Google.

Unfortunately Trips has a lot of trouble distinguishing between itineraries that are yours and not yours. Did family members email you their itineraries? Trips will plop them all in there and assume you’re flying from Europe to Timbuktu on the same day that you’re flying within Canada, and also your Airbnb in Sao Paulo that same day. And there’s no way for you to remove or edit any of these itineraries, because the A.I. is just too smart.

I like this app. I used it on a trip to Asheville, NC, and it was nice to get a couple suggestions for places to go, things to see.

Just an all-around smart idea.

When I first heard of this app I dismissed it. But when I planned a vacation to San Francisco with my wife, I gave it a try and really liked it. It’s actually very helpful and easy to use.

I wish the author mentioned the "current King" of travel apps; Tripit Pro

Its a paid service, but its goddamn smart and automatically pulls in reservations of "any" kind (Car Rentals, Flights, AirBnB) and allows you to edit the sections of the trip that it may have accidentally pulled in.

With the paid version (I’ve been using it for 3 years now) you even get airline seat tracking (linked to your travel itinerary) and automatic seat notifications if a seat becomes free! Pretty cool. THey also can quickly provide all alternate flights if your existing flight is delayed/cancelled.

I’d highly recommend Tripit Pro to any power-travel user. Cheers.


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