Apple patented a pizza box, for pizzas

Photo by Dan Winters / Wired

Apple’s brand-new campus is starting to open up to employees, and Wired got to step inside for an early look at the incredibly elaborate building. The article highlights a bunch of thoughtful and often excessive architectural touches — from making sure rain doesn’t streak on the glass to using water cooling so that the air conditioning rarely kicks on because Steve Jobs hated fans — but perhaps the true standout detail from the piece is that Apple invented its own pizza box for its cafeteria, because it obviously couldn’t settle for what was already out there.

The container is more of a pizza circle than a pizza box, and it appears to be sized for personal pies. Wired says it’s meant for letting employees take pizza from the cafeteria back to their desks.

Apple’s big innovation here is placing a series of holes in the lid of the container so that air can escape, helping avoid sogginess in the crust. It’s a thoughtful addition, although I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in my life and have to say the boxed-in sogginess issue is not that pervasive.

Image: Apple

Apple applied for a patent on this pizza box design seven years ago, and it seems to have been using it at existing campuses, too. The patent lists Francesco Longoni, the head of Apple’s food services team, as one of its inventors.

The Guardian dug up this tweet showing one of the pizza boxes signed by Apple employees after Jobs’ death:

This isn’t the first storage and transportation mechanism we’ve seen Apple patent either. It was recently awarded a patent on the design of a paper bag.

No word yet on what kind of toppings the Apple cafeteria offers.

Update May 16th, 10:30AM ET: Apple has been using this design at its existing campuses, so it’s not new to the Apple Park location, as originally stated.


Round vs square pizza boxes Go!

Hmm the Apple Watch is rectabgular even though round is the most popular traditional Watch design, and yet Apple chose a round pizza box when rectangular is the most popular pizza box design. Truly peculiar.

Pizzas a circular though, logical shape for the box too…

Not all pizza’s are circular. A lot of thin crust pizzas come rectangular; as well as, Pizza Hut dinner boxes come with rectangular pizzas.

we need pentagon shaped pizzas


True but sometimes it’s nice to squeeze a bit of mayo in the corners… not going to work with a circular box.

It’s about the content. Photos and text are typically square. Pizza is typically round.

Lots of pizza’s are square.

lots of content can be round.

it’s all up to the imagination of the creator, there’s no hard fast rules that say content must be a specific shape anymore

Yes, but MOST pizzas are round, and MOST text and video content is square.

this isn’t a zero sum game that says they must either be round or square, and "most" doesn’t dictate all.

a round pizza box is a terrible container for a square pizza.

A Square display is a terrible shape for a round UI.

It’s a good thing watch OS doesn’t assume a round UI, then.

Those are icons. They are a part of the UI. They are not the whole UI. The launcher is also the screen I see the least on my watch.

Round is more efficient for time, as the chef only has to take a ball of dough and toss it in the air to spread it out radially.

Square is more efficient for space, as you can fit more pizza in a given space.

Round pegs in square holes

Apple’s big innovation here is placing a series of holes in the lid of the container so that air can escape, helping avoid sogginess in the crust.


Squircle box4life!

I want a triangle pizza.

you can buy pizza by the slice that’s usually triangle

A pizza slice is a sector.

But, if it’s all you have,is it still not Pizza in the shape of a Triangle.

it’s like digging half a hole

If you put a round pizza in a tight round box, it could be difficult to pull out a slice afterwards. Square boxes don’t have that problem.

Try lifting up

Does this qualify as 1st World problems?

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