Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus gain Google Daydream support this summer

It’s been a year since Google announced its Daydream VR program, and we’ve been wondering whether other companies’ flagship devices would support Google’s platform. Today at Google I/O, the company confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and LG’s next flagship device will support Daydream.

Google says support for the S8 will roll out as a software update over the air, slated for this summer. Google’s Vice President of Virtual Reality says this is great momentum for Daydream on its first six months and he is delighted to have Samsung’s support despite the company running its own Gear VR platform.


Hopefully includes Daydream support through Gear VR + Controller.

I hope part of the deal involves Google bringing Youtube to Gear VR.

Well, if you can use your GearVR for daydream VR apps then it wouldn’t matter. I doubt Google would make their YouTube available on the oculus store.

No S7/S7 Edge support despite the hardware supports it? Meh…

Only workaround is to root and alter the hardware-confs.xml

Far from ideal, but doable if you really wanna use it

I don’t understand how this works, do you need a dedicated headset from Google for this to work? Or will it run on Gear VR? I’ve been paying for everything with Samsung Pay to get one of the headsets free…it would be cool if I can use the Google software too when I finally get it.

You can use any VR headset, really. Cardboard ones work fine, but you’d want to use one that straps onto your head so you can use the controller. The Daydream application can recognise existing headsets via QR or NFC, just like the Cardboard application. Of course, you can build and submit your own headset profiles for ones that aren’t recognised, provided you’ve the time and patience.

You can emulate the controller using another Android device, and activate it in the Daydream apps development settings. Works well enough, but you might want to cut out a "mask" to guide you when you have the headset on.

Furthermore, you don’t even need a "Daydream compatible" device. If you’re savvy with root, you can edit a file and everything will work. You don’t even need an OLED phone.

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