Surface Laptop owners can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free this year

Microsoft is planning to let Surface Laptop owners upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge until the end of the year. While the laptop ships with Windows 10 S, a new version designed just for Windows Store apps, Microsoft isn't charging Surface Laptop owners the $49 fee to switch to Pro. If you purchase another Windows 10 S device then you'll still need to pay the $49 upgrade free, but Surface Laptop customers will have until the end of the year to switch.

Microsoft is also throwing in an Office 365 Personal account for a year with the Surface Laptop, providing full access to the desktop versions of Office. These apps will arrive in the Windows Store soon, and even the Windows 10 S shipping on the Surface Laptop will be able to run them.


Microsoft should’ve created a SKU that comes with Pro out of the box. This seems like an extra step for those planning to buy Surface Laptop and running Pro.

I’m wondering what exactly happens when you upgrade. Does it simply unlock because full Windows is still installed or does it have to go through a process? How long is that process, if so? I’m sure they’re detailing at the event at some point.

The fact that it can run pro and they allowing you to upgrade to pro just confuses me so much! What is the point of S then. If its only 50$ more it doesn’t make a cheap laptop expensive. So battery life?

I am guessing it will be just like the free upgrade to Windows 10 that had a expiration date. You can still upgrade for free with the "assistive technologies" thingy and you will be able to upgrade from S for free after the deadline.

I wonder how easy it is to revert back. I’m obviously going to install Pro straight away, but eventually most of my gadgets get handed down to my mum… and she’d probably be better of with S.

Windows 10 sucks, who would want to get it for free? And thanks to a Microsoft Engineer, you can now get the latest Windows updates for Win 7 or 8 if you run that OS on a Kaby Lake or AMD Ryzen chipset. Microsoft just disabled updates in order to try to force more people over to Windows 10.

Your post makes about as much sense as your username.

I don’t really understand why they are doing this to themselves. How is this going to end any differently than the Windows RT debacle?

If they want to offer a "more secure" version, it should be a switch in system settings, not an entirely separate OS.

To me this sounds like you get a operating system that has been artificially restricted and by paying $50 you can have Microsoft unlock all of the extra features. I don’t get why they don’t build in the management controls that schools want into Windows 10 and keep it simple.

I don’t get why they don’t build in the management controls that schools want into Windows 10 and keep it simple.

Because they want a version of Windows 10 that is "artificially restricted."

Why not build those controls into Windows 10 and give schools and organizations an easy way to implement the restrictions for their devices rather than creating Windows 10 S?

Those controls actually mostly already exist. This is to make it even easier and faster.

Why would a regular consumer NOT want to do this? Is this an incentive to move users to Windows 10 Pro? I thought the point was 10S was the better OS for this device.

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