Watch Panos Panay launch Microsoft's new Surface Pro

Microsoft held a special event in China earlier this week to launch the company's new Surface Pro hardware. While the software giant promised to live blog the event itself, Microsoft's plans failed due to connectivity and the company didn't live stream any video of the event either. Microsoft has now posted a 45-minute video of the main part of the launch event, featuring Surface chief Panos Panay.

Panay spends some time looking back at the history of Surface, before introducing the new Surface Pro. There are demonstrations of the new Surface Pen, details on the more than 800 hardware changes inside, and a closer look at the new hinge. If you enjoy Panay's hardware introductions or you're just a little curious about the new Surface Pro then Microsoft's video is available above or on YouTube. We also have a closer look at the new Surface Pro right here.


That whiteboard is boss.

Going to be amazing for collaborative projects.

True. The idea is so simple it’s kinda weird no one thought of this before, it seems like duh of course it should exist

I believe WebEx or Citrix has something similar. I can’t remember which one it was. It’s kinda slow and doesn’t offer the functionality that this does though.

Anyone give up on watching it because the guy took too long? I got really tired of hearing him wax … poetic? I guess that is someone’s version of poetic.

And the guy has no charisma at all. Even if he’s pumped.

Not Really. Panos is probably the #1 passionate guy in Microsoft, and much thank to him we see a really beautiful, innovative group of computer devices – the Surface family. I doubt it is just words or an attempt to be poetic. I truly believe he feels like what he is telling.
Put him and Steve Jobs next together, and I’d go with this guy any day.

Yep. People used to love Apple keynotes – but in the last couple of years, Microsoft has been outdoing them, especially Panos Panay. Who at Apple believes in their products anywhere near as much? Craig Federighi perhaps; the others sound bored, or totally out of touch with reality (looking at you, Johnny Ive!)

You know you can skip forward right? What a stupid comment….

"Failed due to connectivity"

That’s cute, it’s called the Chinese intranet, Microsoft.

Dude’s name sounds like a villan.

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