British Airways flights disrupted worldwide due to 'system failure'

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A “major IT system failure” is causing British Airways some headaches today. The airline reports that the computer issues are causing problems worldwide, and that flights out of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been canceled.

The airline is advising passengers to avoid going to the airport if they have a flight schedule before 6PM, to mitigate already crowded terminals, and that it’s unable to rebook passengers to other flights at this time. The problems don’t appear to be related to any sort of cyber attack, according to a British Airways spokesperson, who spoke with the BBC.

The computer problems are preventing scheduled flights from taking off, and incoming aircraft are unable to park at their gates, leaving passengers stranded on the tarmac. The BBC reports that the outage has resulted in delays at other airports in Rome, Prague, Milan, Stockholm, and Malaga.



Glad I was flying KLM…

Having your entire system go down with 100% failure is deeply embarrassing. Website, the mobile App, Check-in Counters, Automated Boarding Passes, Gate systems, Call Centers, and Baggage was impacted. That’s just about everything required to run their operations!

Apparently, this is the 5th time BA has had problems since implementing a new IT architecture, albeit this is the worst event to date. They have outsourced much of the IT work to India. Reports indicate a massive power failure at a single data center or perhaps at a critical hub of their IT infrastructure at Heathrow. Who doesn’t have multiple data centers with redundancies nowadays? I mean your entire business depends on staying online, you must have redundancies! The loss of a single data center could be failed over in seconds to secondary and tertiary data centers. Critical connections must be redundant both in power and data flow.

They had it coming. Their private equity manager who took over a while ago made so many cuts that their customer service is at it’s lowest point ever. They probably applied same cuts to hardware/software services suppliers: AND THIS IS THE RESULT. Ogilvy was their social guardian but not even those experts can save them from this nightmare. I stopped flying their planes after a few horrible experiences.
If any of you ever flew economy to Singapore from London, you know what I am talking about: horrible customer service, they ran out of bottled water mid flight and that’s a 14-hour flight.

Scam. They are a government-linked company. Part of the so-called "war on terror", which is basically a means to create fear and insecurity in the citizens whilst simultaneously implementing new surveillance laws, increased spying and armed police state. No more PC Plod with a tit on his head, in other words.

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