Here are all the laptops Asus just announced at Computex

Asus just finished its Computex Taipei 2017 press conference, and in a surprising departure for the Taiwanese company, it was totally straightforward. That’s right, there were no weird tablets or dubious home robots this year, and no-one said “selfie” on stage even once — there were just a ton of new laptops. Here are all of them!

ZenBook Flip S

The Flip S is the “world’s thinnest convertible,” according to Asus chairman Jonney Shih. It’s 10.9mm thick, which Asus says is 20 percent slimmer than the MacBook, and it weighs in at 1.1kg (2.42 pounds). Asus claims 11.5 hours of battery life from its Core i7 processor, though the company isn’t specifying which specific chip it’s using inside the Flip S. There’s a single USB-C port, and the 13.3-inch 4K screen folds around 360 degrees for tablet use. The ZenBook Flip S starts at $1,099.

ZenBook Pro

The new ZenBook Pro sounds like a pretty solid all-rounder, cramming an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti GPU, a 15.6-inch 4K display, and an H-series Core i7 CPU inside an 18.9mm-thick chassis. Asus claims up to 14 hours of battery life for the ZenBook Pro, which will start at $1,299.

ZenBook 3 Deluxe

Asus called the ZenBook 3 the “world’s most prestigious laptop” last year, and it’s using the same tagline for the new ZenBook 3 Deluxe. It’s bigger than the regular ZenBook 3, with Asus calling it the world’s thinnest 14-inch laptop at 12.9mm thick. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an unspecified Core i7 processor, and a 1080p display; it’ll start at $1,199.

VivoBook S

“Mainstream laptops will never be the same again” after the VivoBook S, according to Shih. So what is the VivoBook S? It’s a $499 laptop in a 17.9mm-thick vaguely MacBook-Pro-ish aluminum case with up to a Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 940MX GPU inside. The 15-inch screen didn’t look great in my brief time with the laptop, but the specs aren’t bad for the price.

VivoBook Pro

The new VivoBook Pro is Asus’ mid-range offering, coming with a 15.6-inch 4K display, a Core i7 processor, and a GTX 1050 GPU. It’ll ship in the summer for $799.


I really hope the Flip S has a fanless Y series CPU and a 1920xsomething display option. I fear it has neither.

Yep, as suspected, other sites are reporting the i7 is a 3.5ghz model, which makes it a 7500U, and that Asus are boasting about their super slim fan system.

Boo. Moving on.

I had to double take that Vivobook S – waaaaaay too similar on so many levels to a MacBook Pro (more the older ones without touch bar). Some originality wouldn’t go amiss – push things forward, create your own identity. With laptops as underwhelming as these, no wonder they will just disappear among the rest of the ‘me too’ brigade.

Nothing underwhelming about the Vivobook S with those specs for $499.

A 940mx is pretty underwhelming. Even for this price point Nvidia have released the MX 150 that does the same job with 30% better performance.

A 940mx is pretty underwhelming. Even for this price point Nvidia have released the MX 150 that does the same job with 30% better performance.

A 940mx GPU still beats everything in any Apple notebook up until the $1400 price point. And this is in a $499 laptop, with what looks to be decent build quality and nice – if uninspired – looks.
More importantly, there’s also a Core i7 CPU in that thing.

This is pretty good value at that price point, sorry.

nice – if uninspired – looks

And I don’t even think that’s an issue either.

Those specs for that price tag is going to entice buyers looking for value for money, not those trying to make a fashion statement.

Don’t let the looks fool you. I used to have a Windows 10 Asus tablet, and it was awful.

Better said, it started out decent, some issues slowly started cropping up, and one day, it became absolutely unusable. Also had to go through 2 units because of manufacturing problems. At $499 it wasn’t cheap either.

If I am going to be buying something from Asus, it has to be a "high-end" device, because from my experience, it seem like they do not care about supporting cheap devices. My friends also agree.

For me, this laptop would do.
Enough power, not too bulky.
I would be thinking hard about the benefits of spending an extra $500.

I think that’s actually moving forward with lowering prices and delivering similar dimensions to a Macbook

Funny I thought the Macbooks were underwhelming for years. Looks aren’t everything and considering the specs and price, plus the ability to flip to tablet mode 360 degrees, comparing it to a Macbook is just sad.

Does the MacBook have a touchscreen? Oh that’s right, it only has a useless touchbar.

I wasn’t on about the design. Yes, MacBooks spec wise haven’t been top flight (but there’s more to a laptop than raw specs) but from a design point of view it’s an out and out copy, yet it’s probably no where near as well built.

Let’s not make this about fanboyism – it’s about pushing technology and design forward and companies coming up with innovative ideas and designs. This is just lazy when you just copy a previous design.

You’re right, of course. But these laptops wouldn’t EXIST if the Macbook didn’t push the envelope in the first place.

Oh please, push the envelope my ass. The MBP came out 11 YEARS AGO. Since its inception most of design was a cut and paste(and much of Apple’s other products) from Braun’s design language from 50 years ago.

Why is every windows user flaming macbook for not having a touch screen? It’s useless on windows and mac’s trackpad is 10x better.

useless on windows

for you. useful for me

Why is every windows user flaming macbook for not having a touch screen? It’s useless on windows and mac’s trackpad is 10x better

Definitely not ‘useless’ for many Windows users, and certainly seems more useful than the Touchbar implementation.

Flagship Windows laptops are shipping these days with excellent trackpads AND touchscreens. Unfortunately, Mac users are screwed out of a great option because a guy who is now dead once made up a phenomenon called ‘gorilla arm’ to justify the lack of touchscreen options on his hardware.

Gorilla arm is very real on the iPad Pro..

The legacy lives on

Touch is totally not useless on windows. At the very least, I often find it faster to reach out and tap a button than to get the mouse all the way across the screen. It’s almost like having a second mouse. But also, windows itself has tons of UI bits that are easier to use with a touchscreen. Instead of hitting super+a or moving the mouse all the way to the lower right corner and clicking the button, I can just swipe in from the right to get the action center – or the left for task view. Sure, I can use windows 100% with a mouse, but since I have touch, I can choose the easiest way to do so many things as I go. I love it and I’m never going back.
But the real big differentiator in terms of input technology between modern high-end windows convertibles like this and anything apple’s done ever is high quality pen input on a highly portable device with a desktop OS.

I wonder does this madness about making everything thinner (event making it worse in other aspects) will end some day?

I kind of agree. I have a 17mm thick laptop and honestly it’s already thin enough.
What I do love about those thin laptops is that they tend to be very light, and I think the lighter the better, but basically anything under 2.5 lbs is already pretty good.

If you think "everything" is getting thinner, you haven’t walked into a computer store lately. There are plenty of gigantic back-breaking 8lb gaming laptops out there, and a whole assortment in between.

The dream, for me anyway, is a laptop with no consequences to carry around.
It doesn’t make my bag heavy or bulky.

Lightness matters.

So there’s no USB-A to be seen here? This is like HTC messing up with the mini-jack because Apple did it, and they thought samsung would.

ASUS is doing it right. I’m about ready to give up my USB-A accessories and live the USB-C life.
Future is now.


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