Amazon is bringing its FreeTime app and a ton of kid-friendly content to Android

Amazon’s FreeTime service provides parents with firm controls over the content their kids consume. The company approves books, videos, websites, and YouTube videos and groups them according to how age-appropriate they are. Parents can then define what age their kids are and how mature of content they should be able to access. Up until now, the controls were only available on Fire Tablets, Kindles, and Fire TV, but today, the company is launching a FreeTime Android app. This is the first time FreeTime is available on non-Amazon devices.

Parents can select the books, videos, apps, and games that are added to the FreeTime Android app, while kids can browse age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites, which again, are whitelisted by Amazon’s team. Parents can also set screen time limits, as well as a pause time, which turns FreeTime off at night and keeps it off until a designated wake time. While the Android app is free to download and use, parents can pay for FreeTime Unlimited, which provides additional big-name books and videos.

In April, Amazon launched a new parent dashboard. It lets adults review how their kids are using FreeTime, like what content they’re consuming and how long they’re spending in each book or video. This dashboard works with the Android app, too. Obviously by expanding its service outside of Amazon-specific devices, the company can reach a much broader consumer base.


Hopefully the first of a few previously Fire-only apps from Amazon rolling out to the Play Store and then iOS.

I hope they fix the biggest issue with this, and make it so apps can actually be updated, or DLC purchased. On the fire version Freetime apps cant be updated, only uninstalled and re-installed losing all progress, and they also cant do DLC which messes up some games that have extra levels. Even if they are free.

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