WhatsApp’s Status feature now has more daily users than Snapchat

Less than three months after its introduction, WhatsApp’s generic take on Snapchat stories now has 175 million users, Facebook said today. That’s a healthy number of users for the communication app, which has more than 1 billion users around the world. And it suggests Facebook’s strategy of cloning Snapchat across its entire suite of products is having its desired effect — halting Snapchat’s growth around the world, while also opening up valuable new surfaces for advertising.

The popularity of WhatsApp Status has been hard to gauge for US-based journalists, since the app is much more popular overseas. Given that relatively few international users had been exposed to the stories format before, it seemed reasonable that it could prove popular in WhatsApp. Facebook’s announcement today during an earnings call confirms that, for now at least, it appears to be working.

Snapchat faces a strong challenge from Facebook, and currently has 161 million daily users, the company said in February. The good news for Snapchat is they don’t appear to be going anywhere — more than half of users don’t visit Facebook daily, and nearly half don’t visit Instagram daily, according to App Annie research shared with Bloomberg.

Also, WhatsApp was down today.


I doubt anyone is active since the service is down…

Genuinely surprised. Nobody uses them in my circle. Like at all. Interested in how they came up with this metric.

Seriously. For all we know it’s all bs. lol

Possibly because WhatApps isn’t as big in North America as it is in other parts of the world. Especially Asia. I know whatapps is the number one and pretty much the preferred messaging app in the Indian sub-continent.

95% of my contacts live exactly where Whatsapp is popular. So I’m twice as baffled in fact…

Well i have about 160 whatsapp contacts and about just a 100 snapchat friends, and i generally see the amount of stories to be comparable between the two

From Asia here. Not a single person uses Status regularly.

You know something is not trendy when your dad is the only guy who posts regularly on it.


I’ve used it once and so has one of my friends. Those times were to make fun of how Facebook keep putting Snapchat stuff in every app and how no one uses it in Whatsapp.

*user accidentally swipes over to Status
*user swipes across Status to get to calls from messages
"But sir, they’re not actually posting or opening anything"

I don’t care so much that it’s in FB or insta, I don’t understand why it’s in Whatsapp.

I remember WhatsApp founders talking about how they think long and hard about how any feature will elevate their customers use of whatsapp before adding it. Voice calling took ages, and I was ok with that.

I want a solid messaging app, I want features, but I want robustness, ease of use, and no clutter, more.

Screw stories. It really doesn’t jibe with my idea of what whatsapp should be. Least they could do is tailor a feature for whatsapp instead of slapping on the same stupid shit across their hegemony of apps.

And no. Definitely not popular in my circle. There is literally 2 people in my contacts list that use it regularly, and man do those two use it regularly. They use it to post the most inane shit.

"I had this for breakfast today" "my hair grew this much longer since the last time I decided to update you guys on the my follicular activity"

FB is in that family of sleazy company that have no real guiding principles or even a convincing show of concern for their customer. FB always promises whatever they swallow whole will maintain its independence and uniqueness, but in reality they’ll slap on whatever they can on whatever product they own just to eke out a little more user interaction.

Wanting user interaction isn’t unusual, the way they’re so thirsty just leads them to making annoying as heck decisions.

I just can’t believe so few use Snapchat… I live in the UK and it is so unbelievably dominant – hardly anyone uses Instagram Stories and essentially no one uses WhatsApp.

I also want to know how many people are using Messenger and Facebook stories because no one uses them out of my over 700 friends – they seemed dead on arrival.

By ‘essentially no one uses WhatsApp’, do you mean the app as a whole or just the Status feature? ‘Cause I’m in the UK too, and while – in my anecdotal experience – you’re certainly right to say that pretty much no one uses Status – certainly as compared to Snapchat – WhatsApp itself is incredibly popular here.


Its the dominant form of communication here in HS in the US. Instagram stories have been pretty popular to my surprise.

Snapchat has an age barrier – I’m 37 and I don’t know anyone in the UK who uses it, but it seems to be the primary form of communication for 13-25 year olds. Everyone I know (except me) has WhatsApp, even if they don’t use it regularly. I do use FB Messenger to talk to a few people, but I have no one using "Messenger Day" and one friend out of a couple of hundred who uses the FB Stories thing.

Not sure about snapchat. But in the Netherlands I’ve seen immense growth of instagram stories the past two months. Never had a status update on Whatsapp which is without the doubt the number one messenger over here.

"Relatively few international users have been exposed to the stories feature"

You realise we have Snapchat and Instagram just the same as the US?

If anything we’re more over exposed than you guys as Whatsapp now has it and Facebook. The same crap to be posted in 4 places. Except it isnt, not a single friend has used Whatsapp stories since it launched. Out of 500 on Facebook in just this past week about 4 have started using it.

Snapchat is still the king of this nonsense (though I don’t use it, just open it occasionally for the friends that insist in using it) and women seem to love stories on Instagram, there’s a regular 80+ users on there.

None of my contacts use them. Many of them used it once, for testing, and stop using it. Instagram Stories is popular though

No surprise really. Ever since the Snapchat CEO made that remark against Indians, they probably went to Whatsapp Status and now we have these metrics to show for it.

I just went onto my WhatsApp and I cant work out how to use the "status" section. I’m obviously not the target market!

I love in Morocco, my friends are spread from Morocco to France, UK, Germany, US and hong kong but i may have seen 2 status from its inception

… But i don’t have many status on Facebook too so i may just not be in the group that use it the most. Instagram stories are a success though in my case ! I am too old for that sh** lol

use WhatsApp status, my friends use it as well, right now they’re over 15 status updates as of this morning, and all the noise of the old status as died down, no one in my contact list uses it much anymore.

I think as status becomes more Snapchaty, it will become more popular, with filters & all of that kinda stuff.

People tend to be neysayers about anything that’s new and different until it becomes sticky.

Everyone hated Snapchat now they love it
When it was added it Instagram it was all boo boo, now it’s very popular
The same will happen with whatsapp.

It’s the second app most people in the world actively download on there phone after FB, in the entire world, it’s going to fly pass Snapchat & Instagram status in a matter of months.

FB messenger, is only up there because FB basically forces users to download it.

Gosh I didn’t realize Facebook also owns both Instagram & Whatsapp….they control alot of the on ramps for all this.

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