WhatsApp was down for two hours and the internet wasn’t happy

It's been a bit of a rough day if you enjoy using the internet. Google Docs experienced a widespread phishing attack, sending the internet into panic. Now WhatsApp has been down for more than an hour, and users of the popular Facebook-owned messaging service have turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations and finish off the panic over the Google Docs attack.

Unfortunately, it looks like WhatsApp gave up providing useful status reports on when its messaging service is down a few years ago. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users, and it's widely used across the world for group chats and as a replacement for SMS in a number of countries. "WhatsApp is down" reports have been constant worldwide for the past hour, and a WhatsApp spokesperson revealed to Reuters the company is aware of the outage and is working to fix it.

Update May 3rd, 7:10PM ET: After two hours of outages, service to WhatsApp has been restored. We have updated the headline.


Quick! Everyone download Allo!

Is that thing still around? I though it was discontinued

Many switched to Facebook messenger, which demonstrates the big overlap between the two apps

Really? I don’t see it.

I personally really dislike messenger.

It does have some nice features but facebook is way too pushy, no I don’t want to tell you stories, no I don’t want to add all my contacts from my phonebook, no I don’t want you to be my default messaging app. Ask me once at most and fuck off.

They generally don’t seem to give a shit about how their users are going to be inconvenienced/annoyed by their actions as long as they get maximum usage. Makes sense, but if you want me to use your app more, it should be because I like it, not because my arm is twisted into it.

And they keep changing stuff, eg. messenger on desktop is a piece of shit now, but hey, it looks closer to the messenger app right?

More on FB, in the last week I’ve tried so hard to cut down on stupid notifications, but guess what, as long as you keep notifications on and slide off every other type of notification below it, you’ll still get a bunch of stupid shit.

Most recently I logged in to see that my birthdate has been changed to some bastardized version of Arabic/English calendar systems. Why would you do that facebook? Just because I logged in from an arab country? I didn’t even change language settings, why the heck would you think it was ok to change my birth date? 28 September isn’t even an Arabic date, what kind of fuckstupid conversion did you use?

My own damn profile page now has a scrolling list of things that FB decided I didn’t give them enough info on. ‘Hey choose some featured photos’ ‘Hey, what are your favorite foods’, ‘Hey, what exactly did you do at school’ when I’d just gotten used to a static question or two that made my page look like an incomplete piece of shit.

Long story short. Whatsapp may be FB owned, but FB is really just coasting on it’s position as the defacto social hub now with me.

Long rant. But I really hate facebook lately.

Services will go down here and there.
IG had an issue the other day.
We survive.
We… carry on.

My fax machine was broken and I couldn’t send or receive faxes for a whole day and I freaked out!

and no one in America noticed ¯\(ツ)

Telegram FTW.

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