Samsung’s new Notebook 9 Pro includes a built-in S Pen

Samsung is bringing its S Pen technology to the company’s notebook line today. At Computex, Samsung is launching its new Notebook 9 Pro. Unlike the previous Notebook 9 series, this Pro version now has a 360-degree hinge just like Lenovo’s Yoga laptops and it means the Notebook 9 Pro can be used as a tablet or a laptop. Samsung is pairing that hinge with an embedded S Pen that slides into the base of the Notebook 9 Pro.

The S Pen includes 4,000 levels of pressure and the ability to detect tilt for shading (just like Microsoft's new Surface Pen). It also includes Samsung’s Air Command software for drawing, notes, and editing documents. Samsung is also ensuring its S Pen is fully compatible with Windows Ink, allowing Notebook 9 Pro users to use the stylus across all of Windows 10.

Samsung is releasing 13.3- and 15-inch models of the Notebook 9 Pro, and both will include Intel’s latest Core i7 processors. The 13.3-inch version will ship with 8GB of RAM, while the larger model includes 16GB of RAM. Both will include a 256GB SSD, and the 15-inch model has AMD’s Radeon 450 graphics card inside.

Samsung is using USB-C support for fast charging, alongside two regular USB ports, a HDMI port, and support for microSD storage. There’s even a Windows Hello camera at the front, with support for facial recognition to log into Windows 10. Samsung isn’t providing a release date or pricing today for the Notebook 9 Pro, but given its introduction at Computex it’s reasonable to assume this will be available later this year.

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Why are the bezels so HUGE compared to how small they can make them on the new Galaxy S8? Samsung should chat with Samsung Mobile for some better displays.

Because the phone rests in the palm of your hand, and you hold a tablet/convertable with your hand wrapped around the edges. You don’t want to have to decide between hiding part of the screen/interacting with things you don’t want to and balancing your tablet precariously on top of your hand.

Think we can agree the bottom bezel is too large

I agree that it looks unattractive. But…the lid of the laptop must be the same size as the bottom, and with the keyboard and huge trackpad, the lid needs to match those dimensions. If the screen is a 16:9 ratio, then they have to put a top or bottom bezel in there. Yeah, it’s large, but to make the bezel smaller they’d have to have a custom screen ratio or a smaller keyboard and/or trackpad. Of these options, I think the large bezel is the least problematic.

16:10 isn’t a "custom" ratio, it’s a very common one. And it would cut that bezel probably in half. And make a lot of people happy in the process. 16:9 needs to die!

Best get on Snapchat with Samsung then.

I kinda wished it was 3:2 or better 16:10. Honestly, every-single time Samsung releases a laptop it’s a hit & miss in some terms. Especially storage and battery, which they are supposed to be source easily. 256Gb is questionable to some, and the 54Wh battery is really moderate for 1080p; and if it comes with 4K that’s too low.

Their EMR digitizers/displays are always top-notch, tho. Everything else, is just wrong..

Plus they have some really nice 3:2 displays at 12.5in that they’re using on the new Chromebooks.

16:9? If so…nope.

They release the Chromebook Plus/Pro with 3:2 QHD displays and sell that for $450-$550 and release a high-end Windows convertible with FHD 16:9 screen? There is no explanation for this kind of boneheadedness.

Wait does that mean there is a 15in device that is wacom EMR based? Cause it’s been a long while since that’s happened and most 15in machine these days are either Wacom AES, or N-Trig. Wacom doesn’t really want people to have a tablet in the 15in range with EMR, they rather have you buy one of their Cintiq models or something.

Wacom is slowly conceding that fight. The first coup was them agreeing to provide the hardware for the Surface Pro 1 & 2, as Wacom wasn’t keen on anything in the 10" range that could compete with 12" Cintiqs on the market. Afterwards Wacom started getting butt-hurt and Microsoft was forced to buy and improve N-trig’s inferior technology for the SP 3 and beyond.

I suspect in their licensing deal with Wacom, Samsung threw down the glove that they can always just make their own pen technology or Wacom can continue to be an important partner. Unlike Microsoft, they have enough hardware engineers to roll their own.

Samsung actually owns a small share of Wacom, so I don’t think it’s a licensing deal per se. Many think it’s also the reason why Samsung devices don’t have as much edge issues as other Wacom devices, and why the Note line still exists.

Yep it’s Wacom EMR.

Probably not as good as a real Cintiq though.

Also, can they just release their 12in Chromebook Pro in a Windows variant? I’d pay $150 for that version as I prefer/need windows and pen support for work.

I just want that wallpaper..

I’d really like for one of these in something between 8-10 inch form factor. I know that these are basically laptops now, but I’d like a tablet that has the excellent pen support. I’m sad Microsoft seems finished with it’s baby surface line and has gone all pro models.


I kind of want this. Having the pen slide right into the laptop is much more convenient than velcroing it to the side.

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