Microsoft’s Whiteboard app leaks, shows the future of Windows 10 stylus support

Microsoft first demonstrated its Whiteboard app for Windows 10 back at the company’s Surface Pro event in May. While the software maker promised it will launch later this year, an early copy of Whiteboard has leaked onto the internet today. It features many of the abilities that Microsoft demonstrated, including automatic inking to shapes and tables as well as the ability to see angles on shapes.

It appears that the Whiteboard app is targeted towards schools as this particular version is “Education Preview.” Microsoft has also included a ruler for more precise inking, and a variety of basic pens and highlighters. One of the more interesting additions is the ability to insert images from the web and automatic creation of an equation chart after you ink an equation.

One of the big additions to Whiteboard is collaborative inking, allowing Windows 10 users to hold meetings where everyone draws their ideas onto a canvas in real-time. It’s not possible to test this support in the leaked app as it does not support sign-in through a Microsoft Account just yet. Microsoft demonstrated this feature previous, and participants are display with their display picture next to ink input.

Overall, the Whiteboard app is very functional for basic inking. The smart shapes feature is impressive, and it’s clear Microsoft is adding features like search and equations even after it demonstrated the basics on stage last month. Microsoft is planning to make the Whiteboard app available for Windows 10 devices later this year.


I could picture sales and marketing execs wanting to use this on their Surface Studios or innovation consultants too.

(Would give them a reason to get a Studio instead of something else).

In the classroom it would be the Surface Hub pc where students come up and draw on the board.

Surface hub is really expensive, I don’t think it’s affordable enough to put in classrooms.

We’ve sold a lot of Sharp Aquos Boards to the education market.

It’s still cheaper than many other competitors when you factor in all the various abilities. I know quite a few companies in the UK that have deployed them and it’s saved them thousands in licence fees along let alone potential travel costs.

It’s not the Schools that can’t afford them it’s that there’s no compelling reason for them to install the devices as schools tend to be isolated rarely get involved with networking with other schools in any meaningful manner.

Probably wont start in "Classrooms", it would make sense initially in certain situations in colleges say, and then high schools but sparingly, in say science rooms, and on down the line until you get to the generic classroom 10-15 years down the line. By then it would be a Dell or Asus product.

Since I work remotely, I’d love to use it on my Surface Book even for meetings. But unfortunately, I’m the only one in my team who uses a Surface device. Most others use custom built desktops or other high end laptops, so it would probably not work with them.

This is a Windows 10 app, so it will work with any Windows 10 PC, desktop or otherwise. Obviously if you have pen input or touchscreen it’s going to work even better.

What I meant was that it would be pointless for them to use this since they can’t write on their screens like they can on the whiteboards at the office. Which totally defeats the point if you want to collaborate on the whiteboard like you do in person.

Smart shapes is already available in the sketchpad app on surface

OneNote too

I could see this being very useful in a classroom too though with the ability to do the geometry work. I loathe power points as they restrict the flow of a lesson and make it static but I have always struggled with my handwriting. This could be great for classroom discussions.

So basically the iPad drawing app’s interface.

lol, riiiiiight

Well, if you could stick an iPad on your office White board, and use Facetime for multiple inputs …

This looks a lot like some of the concepts for the software for Courier.

Yeah, hopefully this is being developed to support the surface mobile device.

Did anyone get this working? I got to the AddAppxPackage in Powershell and it completed the install, just don’t know where to find the app. Whiteboard.exe says it’s not a valid application.

I don’t think apps show up as .exe’s but I could be wrong? The name might be something other than whiteboard

The Italian video shows it opening from the Store I think? From the videos above someone from The Verge got it working. I just don’t know what the step after running the PowerShell command would be.

where you’d expect every app to show up, in your startmenu assuming you really installed it and don’t just think you did.

I installed it as well following the instructions and it does show up in the start menu as Microsoft Whiteboard. Did your install complete successfully and not with an error message?

Thank you Andreas. I had checked under recently added and Whiteboard. Not sure why I didn’t think of Microsoft Whiteboard.

Shouldn’t x + 3 = 10 just graph a vertical line at x = 7?

If you look closely at the screenshot, the equation editor recognized a couple of possible equations, and x + 3 = 10 is one of them.

I mean, I see that it recognized the input as x+3 = 10. My question is why it plotted y = x +3 and y = 10 instead of plotting x = 7

Wolfram Alpha does the same thing, so it’s not necessarily wrong, just seems like an odd design choice to me.

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