Samsung to release ‘fandom’ edition of Galaxy Note 7

James Bareham / The Verge

Samsung plans to release a “fandom” edition of the Galaxy Note 7 that is ostensibly safer to use. The company was hit hard by around 3 million recalls of the Note 7 last October after multiple phones caught fire due to defective batteries that were prone to overheating. Samsung ended production on the device and began a months-long quest to get the device out of users’ hands as it worked out refunds and tried to repair its image.

This new refurbished edition, to be called the Galaxy Note 7 FE, will feature different components than the original device. It will hit stores on July 7th starting in South Korea, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. It’s unclear how many units will be available elsewhere. Analysts told the WSJ that the Note 7 wouldn’t affect sales of the Galaxy S8, which is sporting a new pink version exclusive to Taiwan and has managed not to have its reputation sullied by the Note 7 debacle.

A number of people were reportedly still holding onto their Note 7s in January, despite the recall, either for convenience or sentimentality. So this edition might be a safe alternative for those who have a special place in their heart for the Note 7 and yet don’t want to catch on fire.


Fire Edition. Kinda fits.

Or Fire Extinguished.

This is better!

i wanted to comment this but knew it was already done lol!

available only on Amazon, with baked in alexa and the amazon underground app store!

$599 with ads on lockscreen.

"Employee" Edition

For Fans who are doomed?
Or doomed to use a fan to cool it?

This is so dumb. Samsung, just stop trying to fix a phone that caught fire and keep fixing Bixby.

It’s worth probably a billion dollars for them to fix the Note 7, you can bet they’re going to attempt every option to recover any or all of that.

A billion dollars? Not a chance in hell.

Granted those figures include the cost of recall and loss of income, but all in all I’d say Andrew’s figure is not very far off.

There is the environmental issue as well.

TrexinD- To each their own…. I am looking forward to this as I loved the Note 7 and I’m in no way interested in Bixby. If I can get this instead of the Note 8 for a lesser "fan" price, I will!

If they sold it for half price and in the US, I’d pick one up. But it looks like this will still have a premium price.

Same here.

I especially liked the look of the blue Note 7, and I liked using the stylus on it so much that I probably would’ve made an exception to my "no Samsung" policy and bought an unlocked one, had it not been for that whole unfortunate exploding battery issue that ruined it for me.

I trust you won’t be flying anywhere anytime soon.

Airlines and the FAA are not going to bother distinguishing this from any other Note 7, or taking Samsung’s word for it that they fixed anything even if they did. (They already fell for that once.)

Note 7 was the greatest phone I’ve ever owned. While I’ve been forced to move on to the Pixel, which is a great phone in itself, it’s going in the drawer once the Note 8 comes out. (Need a backup in case the 8 blows up…)

Fanboy edition. What happens if they take this phone on a plane? Will they be thrown off?

This is a fair question. It makes me wonder if airlines are going to give people any big hassle for trying to bring it onto a plane. We might know it’s a refurbished model that’s safe, but they probably won’t know. And how would they be able to tell them apart? It raises a lot of questions. I think I’d rather just avoid that whole potential hassle and get something else that’s clearly not a Note 7.

We might know it’s a refurbished model that’s safe

How would you know that? Samsung paused production of the Note 7 once to fix it, then pronounced it fixed, and then had more fires. You’re just going to trust them this time?

You think airlines will?

The Note 7 ban is a Note 7 ban. It doesn’t matter what "edition" it is. It would be stupid to buy this phone if you plan on traveling for the duration of your ownership of it.

I was speaking in terms of "we" as in "we who follow this stuff and tend to know about these things" rather than the general public. And I doubt that anyone at the airlines would know the difference between the old Note 7 and the newer refurbished Note 7 either. That’s why I said it was a fair question, because I doubt that anyone would be allowed to bring any Note 7 onto a plane as long as that ban remains in effect. Personally I wouldn’t buy it either, for that reason.

You’re just going to trust them this time?

Yes why not? Cause they have released numerous phones after the note7 including the gs8 and none of them blew up.

It would be stupid to buy this phone if you plan on traveling for the duration of your ownership of it.

I think they would find a workaround for that. For one, they’ll name it the "Note FE" i guess and there will be no "7" in it as i’ve heard from various websites. There will sure be an "FE" sign at the back also.
And if you think airlines could still block it by seeing its design, thats not feasible imo cause phones designs are very similar, and if thats how phones were blocked, then many gs7 edge would have been blocked.

Agreed. I really don’t think airlines are going around checking models numbers for phones on all their passengers.

This makes no sense. The Note 8 will blow the 7 away. Just wait 3 months and get an 8.

Not if the 8 has Bixby!

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