Telegram says it will remove terrorist content after Indonesia threatens a ban

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Telegram will create a team of moderators to remove “terrorist-related content” in Indonesia, co-founder Pavel Durov said on Sunday, after the Indonesian government threatened to ban the encrypted messaging app.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said on Friday that it would block access to Telegram if the company does not develop procedures to remove illegal content from its channels, pointing to concerns that the app was being used to spread “radical and terrorist propaganda.” As a preliminary measure, the ministry ordered service providers to block access to the web version of Telegram.

On Sunday, Durov said that Telegram had blocked channels that were reported by the government, and that the company would take additional steps to remove illegal content.

"We are forming a dedicated team of moderators with knowledge of Indonesian culture and language to be able to process reports of terrorist-related content more quickly and accurately," Durov said in a Telegram post, as quoted by the Associated Press.

Telegram has faced criticism from government authorities across the world for providing an encrypted platform that has become the messaging “app of choice” for terrorists. Durov has publicly resisted calls to install so-called back-doors that authorities could use to access encrypted messages, saying they would undermine privacy and security for millions of users.

“Telegram is heavily encrypted and privacy-oriented, but we’re no friends of terrorists— in fact, every month we block thousands of ISIS-related public channels,” Durov added on Sunday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Police in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, say that suspected militants have admitted to using Telegram to coordinate planned attacks and that the platform is used to share bomb-making instructions, as well. Officials across Southeast Asia have expressed concern over the growing presence of ISIS-affiliated militants, after an ISIS-linked rebel group seized the city of Marawi in the Philippines in May.


They (indo’s gov) already blocked Telegram (web version and some domains with telegram name in it, not the app) without asking Telegram first and they still saying on the media that they had already gotten permission to block Telegram.
Terrorist can use any of available social media to communicate, yet they only block Telegram. The irony is, they’re promoting their own ministry (Ministry of Communication and Information) in competing chatting app, LINE. Smh.

You should read Durov apology to the Minister after telegram blocked. The ministry tried to contact them through various channel but no response from Telegram. They are aware about the attempt after Indonesia block them.

you mean the ministry of communication has a chat app and hopes that people (and possibly terrorists) will use it instead of telegram?

sounds like a good plan…

Perhaps a noobie question, but how can Telegram moderate content if it’s end-to-end encrypted?

They must have lied about it being encrypted.

it would block access to Telegram if the company does not develop procedures to remove illegal content from its channels

every month we block thousands of ISIS-related public channels

Perhaps this is only the public channels being discussed? I wish the article was clearer in that regard.

Through the report buy users to

Channels dont use e2e, only secret chats do.

Telegram is heavily encrypted and privacy-oriented

No e2e in default chats, channels dont use e2e either. Yeah heavily encrypted

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