Delta passengers can now use their fingerprints as a boarding pass

Photo: Delta

Customers flying Delta can now board using just their fingerprints at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) if they wish. The airline says the is available for customers who are members of Delta’s loyalty program SkyMiles, and who have enrolled in CLEAR — an expedited airport security program that costs $179 a year.

Delta started testing its biometric boarding procedure in May. The fingerprinting process allows customers to board an aircraft or enter Delta Sky Club lounges without their ID and ticket. Delta says the final phase of its biometric boarding pass test, which is due “this summer,” will allow customers to also use their fingerprints to check in bags.

“Biometric verification has a higher level of accuracy than paper boarding passes and gives agents more time to assist customers with seat changes and other skilled tasks instead of having to scan individual tickets – and customers have less to keep track of as they travel through the airport,” said Gil West, Delta’s senior executive vice president and chief operating officer in a statement.

Delta says it’s partnering with CLEAR to power the back end of its biometric boarding system, which at the moment is a pilot program. West says partnering with CLEAR has also made it more “scalable” and the process could expand across Delta’s domestic network in “a matter of months.”

This past year, Delta has introduced several new services in a bid to win over more customers including RFID baggage handling that lets customers track where their luggage is via an app. There’s no word yet on robots that carry your luggage through the terminal, but we have our fingers crossed.


if you have clear you could already do that with just your fingerprints.

Bla, bla, I don’t give my d. fingerprints for whoever.

Is there any way to not have the gifs auto play and repeat forever. It’s very distracting when trying to read the article and this big GIF is playing in your peripheral vision.
Maybe have it only play on mouse-over?
I end up scrolling to get the GIF out of the way of the screen but that’s just not a great solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I like having the gifs, I just don’t like them auto-repeating forever.

In Chrome at least you can right click to show controls and pause it

Yeah, there’s a loop box you can untick


Better it’s done through my phone which I trust much more than an airline with my biometrics.

Yep.. just keep giving corporate America more of your biometric information.. nothing could go wrong.

Enlighten me. What will go wrong?

I mean if I had my tinfoil hat on I’d say they could 3d print the fingerprints and use it to spoof stuff like TouchID. But not even the most diabolical corporation would go through that effort.

It less the corporations I’m worried about and more like them getting hacked and losing this information.

That’s a cavalier attitude in light of how ‘sercure’ databases are. Here’s a recent example.

I’ve always been of the mindset that I can get a new CC # easily and painlessly enough, but getting your identity back would be a nightmare. A SS # reset, if you can get one, starts your credit at square one. How easy is it to get new fingerprints and eyeballs?…

Fuck this shit.

The best explanation I’ve heard is: "You can get another password, you can’t get another fingerprint."

This x1000. Great analogy and very important. I’m not sure if data security will ever reach a level where mass storage of biometrics is a good idea, but it certainly isn’t there now.

Yep. In reality, we need the three factors for everything – something you have, something you are, something you know. Single factors of any of these can easily be bypassed

Here’s a tip: Don’t use the service

It’ll work great until some jerk comes with cheeto fingers and smudges the damn thing.

They have employees cleaning it but sure. Cheeto’s fingers are the worst that could happen.

Yeah, no thanks – not willingly providing my biometric data to a company that can be (and has been) easily hacked. Not to mention that this will almost certainly be shared with our friends at the NSA.

LOL, no. The last thing I ever want is for my fingerprint to be attached to a profile where it authenticates me over the network. I exclusively use fingerprint ID with devices that register and store the information locally in a secure enclave that even the rest of the same device can not access.

Hard pass.

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