Andy Rubin says Essential Phone coming 'in a few weeks'

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There’s a new release date for the first phone from Andy Rubin’s Essential: August, with Rubin saying in an email to potential customers that the phones will start shipping “in a few weeks.”

Rubin says that the Essential Phone is now going through testing with US and international carriers and that his team is “working long hours” to get the device shipped. It’s not entirely clear why carrier certification would be that much of a hurdle, since Essential is keeping its phone exclusive to a few carriers and selling it unlocked to everyone else.

After the phone was announced in May, Rubin said it would ship within 30 days. But that date came and went, without any word from the company. It seems that development must be far enough along now that Rubin is confident enough to give yet another launch window.

Here’s the full text of Rubin’s email:

I personally wanted to thank you for putting your name down for our first phone. We've been hard at work getting everything ready and the good news is that we’re now going through certification and testing with multiple US and international carriers.

You might be getting impatient to get your hands on your new Essential Phone (and I’m also impatient to get it to you!) but rest assured that you will have a device in your hands in a few weeks.

In the meantime, give us a shout out using #thisisessential to show the team that sweating the details and working long hours to get this device shipped is worth it.



It’s 2017, Rubin. Any device that isn’t in the hands of reviewers and YouTubers within ten days of the reveal, and then another week at most before customers have them, is Essentially DOA – just ask Sony.

most people dont know squat about review vids. those lazy "journalists" tend to all say the same talking points anyhow. this phone will blow everything else away. especially if you’re into bling. and titanium to boot.

sony has not sold through a us carrier in about a decade. that might be why they don’t sell in the us


-Real Genius

must be angling to get bought out, maybe LG or Sony or HTC

Except none of them need his device for new tech, patents or increase market share. Essential is just another Android OEM, granted in without a released product, in an crowded playing field which will soon gain yet another player with RED. That said, RED arguably has a different target audience.

red has a target audience of mkbhd and 3 other people.

I guess being on time isn’t Essential.

I guess being on time isn’t…
( •_•)>⌐■-■
… Essential.


lol sorry, I couldn’t help it!


Bummer they weren’t able to make their original shipping date. Hopefully it’ll be worth it for the people who ordered one!

Wow, what planet are you living on?

A planet where there aren’t enough fjords…

award winning nontheless

I feel like the hype train was big enough for them to have had a successful launch during that 4 week span from the announcement.

Now I’m not so sure anyone cares.

nobody with the attention span of a flea cares.

I still care, barring the jarring camera bump on the top, I love the look of the phone.

I don’t see the Value Prop. The best and most USEFUL and capable phone on the planet will be the one revealed on August 23rd.

Typed on a (superb, rock solid) Note5.

Those very materials used to make the phone…that they bragged "Apple couldn’t do it" only tells me that well…you guys didn’t have it easy either hey?

You guys really meant to say "Apple couldn’t do it in the mass quantities that they need". Meaning those manufacturing partners for the oh-so-vaunted titanium/ceramic designs weren’t ever made to produce those quantities in the hundreds of millions of orders.

Not all that Essential if you had to tie the phone to only a few carriers who’d sell it.

So… what’s this phone do that the hundreds of other Android phones out there can’t do?

Absolutely nothing.

fall from a coffee table

So long as it doesn’t fall on its face.

It’s essentially another hotdog stand, selling Android hotdogs.

It stands out with that camera bump, lol. But I still like it!

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