Microsoft Paint isn’t dead yet, will live in the Windows Store for free

Microsoft’s popular Paint app isn’t being killed off just yet. A confusing Microsoft support article, published recently, revealed that the company is marking MSPaint.exe as “deprecated” in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. That means Paint will “not be in active development and might be removed in future releases.” Microsoft has updated the support article to note Paint will now be available in the Windows Store, and its main functions integrated into the new Paint 3D app.

“Today, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint,” says Megan Saunders, general manager of 3D at Microsoft. “MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon, in the Windows Store where it will be available for free.” The outpouring of nostalgia is simply because Paint has been a big part of Windows since the original version back in 1985. Microsoft’s last major update to Paint arrived alongside Windows 7, bringing the Ribbon interface to the simple computer graphics app.

As Paint hasn’t been marked as removed in Microsoft’s support articles, this means it will act like Internet Explorer in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. MSPaint will still be part of Windows 10, but Microsoft will be promoting and encouraging end users to opt for Paint 3D instead. Microsoft hasn’t provided a timeline for when Paint will be available in the Windows Store, but its appearance in the Store will likely trigger the removal part of Microsoft’s support for the app within Windows 10 in the future. Don’t worry just yet, you can continue making crappy artwork just like everyone has with Paint for the past 31 years.


So, in other words, all of the articles about Paint being dead were unnecessary?

Yup. Was a bit eye-opening to me. "How does nobody know what they’re talking about? Why are there so many people acting like they care about Paint, while they don’t even know of its Paint 3D update?" From Reddit threads, to Guardian and NYT articles, Twitter hashtags, etc. Paint 3D was mentioned in a few articles, but people really don’t read past the (idiotic) headlines. So much "outrage" for Microsoft "taking Paint away" from people who probably used Paint once a few years ago. JFC.

Well, it’s good to know that if it disappears, you can easily add it back in.

Perhaps. This is obviously also a bit of a trojan horse to push people into using the Windows App store – Microsoft wants that 30% cuts of App store sales for people’s PC’s.

People seem to be avoiding the store overall and its expiring App’s (App’s are based on expiring certificates are embedded in the software, which is fine for phones, but PC’s….) preferring to get them outside of Microsoft’s store (where they don’t expire). JMHO…

confusing Microsoft support article

It wasn’t. When they say "deprecated" the meaning it’s clear: it will remain available without receiving any new updates.
You were the ones saying that it was "killed".

Yeah, "confusing," then this article goes on to describe literally the exact thing deprecated means and has always meant.

Paint user right here – it’s great for doing a print screen and then cropping to what I actually want to share and a little light editing and text box adding, especially at work where I can’t install my own software on top.

Have you tried Snippet Tool? Built-in since Vista or 7.

I’ve used it before but not in Windows 10 – just tried searching for it on my work PC and all it offers is web results in Edge.

It’s called snipping tool

Yep – even just "snip" brings me no results (searching in the start menu is the MS recommended way to find it, so I assume my employer has restricted it or something).

It’s NBD, Paint isn’t going anywhere.

I use Snipping tool as well as print screen.
while snipping tool is great for capturing screen shots, it cannot capture "mouse move drop down screens" or any windows which vanish on clicking of the mouse.
ex: If you double click the contact name in outlook, you get a pop up window of the contact details. If you want to capture that window, it vanishes when you try to initiate snipping tool. Only Print screen captures that window and you can paste in paint to crop it or use it.

Similarly, in web pages, Javascript menu drop downs, you cannot use snipping tool to capture them. Only print screen works.

both have their own use cases and both work fine. But snipping tool cannot replace all scenarios.

You can use the Delay capabilities of the snipping tool to capture drop downs or modal popups.
Personally I use OneNote for my screen capturing because I almost always have it running. Using the keystrokes (win+shift+s) will allow you to highlight the section you want to capture.

I really haven’t used MSPaint for a while – Paint.NET is my preferred free paint program.

But that’s the great thing about windows – so many choices…

Actually, Strider2. You can use the little delay button(look for watch icon), to catch just that. Try it out

I dont see this delay button in windows 7.
Is it specific to windows 10?

Look for the ‘watch’ icon in the menu

See it?

Sometimes I still have to paste into Paint to circle items.

MS Paint is simple tool for simple tasks. Although I have a several imaging programs (most of them paid) for some stuff I use MS Paint – it is easier and quicker.
Paint 3D has extended funcionalities but… I don’t know why… I don’t like it. Working here is not so straightforward or what…

All I remember doing on MS Paint was either draw 2 basic mountains then add birds, clouds, sun and a road or sometimes just a house. I’d say I’m very talented at it and am glad it’s here to stay.

There is also an app called "Snip" (Different from snipping tool) which is not installed by default.
You need to install from microsoft page to download it. Its also very good.

Yeah, Snip from Garage team is very cool for recording tutorials!

Hahaha news this days, even The Verge can’t read…

Tom, you say it’s confusing yet Thurrott was able to explain what the page literally meant. It was your publication and others that kept beating the drum of saying paint is being killed, when the page says "are not in active development and might be removed in future releases ("Deprecated")".

Paint is not in active development, we know that, the only update it received after Windows 7 was in Creators update was the "open in paint 3d" option.

If it were to be removed then it will say removed.

So… it’s suffering the same fate as Windows Media Center. And THAT app didn’t eventually die completely.. rolls eyes

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