Some DJI Spark drones are falling from the sky, and that’s to be expected

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Yesterday Quartz reported that a little over a dozen customers had complained on DJI forums about their new Spark drones mysteriously shutting down and falling from the sky in midflight. Today, DJI acknowledged the issue in a statement:

“DJI is aware of a small number of reports involving Spark drones that have lost power mid-flight. Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently. DJI products are tested for thousands of hours, and the overwhelming number of customers enjoy using our products with minimal disruption.”

The truth is, this kind of problem is typical in this industry. Every single consumer drone — whether it was made by DJI, Yuneec, GoPro, and 3D Robotics — had a few units that malfunctioned. The same goes for almost every smartphone or tablet on the market. The big difference, of course, is that when a smartphone shuts down for an unexpected reboot, it doesn’t come crashing out of the sky.

Here’s what I wrote back when GoPro recalled its Karma drone:

"People think it is so easy to build a small, autonomous drone. It's really not," says Michael Blades, a drone industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan. "DJI is a drone company. [GoPro] is a camera company. It doesn't surprise me that they are having technical problems with their first drone product, even after the delays. That's actually to be expected." This piece, published before Karma units reached the public and reports of failures hit the internet, predicted the problems to a T.

The web is littered with forum posts, Facebook rants, and YouTube videos from angry customers who bought drones from DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, and 3D Robotics over the past three years, only to have them fall out of the sky. Plenty more drones flew off at random and never returned home. "DJI has gone through the Phantom, P2, P3, and P4 as well as the Inspire (which has had it's own hiccups) to work out the kinks in stabilization of the aircraft and robustness of their subsystems," says Blades. "If [GoPro] expected to have a perfect product in Karma, they were dreaming."

The existence of a few problematic units is to be expected. The big questions are: how common is the problem and can it be solved without a hardware recall?

While there are lots of complaints about the Spark shutting down on the DJI forums, many of these postings reveal additional details that could explain the issue. One user admits he crashed his drone just before the flight where it malfunctioned. Another explains that it was 108 degrees outside when his battery conked out during a flight in Texas. A third user bought batteries from a reseller off Amazon.

DJI said in its statement that it will attempt to understand the root cause of the problem and patch it quickly. “We are looking to implement additional safeguards with a firmware update which will be issued soon. When prompted on the DJI GO 4 App, we recommend all customers to connect to the internet and update their aircraft’s firmware to ensure a safe flight when flying their Spark,” the company said.

This issue is worth keeping an eye on. If DJI can find a fix and the complaints don’t continue or grow in scale, then it will likely have little impact on the Spark. If the problems persist or it becomes apparent that a sizable percentage of Spark units are flawed, then DJI will have to take more drastic action.


cool, and fix the android app cause it’s a pita to get the drone up and running (with or without tether). In the limited times of use, it has struggled to stay connected to the remote, or will flat out force close mid flight.

Use an OTG cable to the remote (if you have the Fly More combo). Changes everything!

Seconded. App, cable to phone, turn on remote, turn on drone, fly.

I have a mavic pro so I have to use a cable. The android app is ridiculous. If you are using it you can expect it to crash after 5min, maybe 10 if you turn off video caching and when you haven’t touched it for a week you can expect near constant gps and battery use even after force closing it.

I have tried it on – nexus 9, dell venue 7840, nexus 6p, nexus 5x, nextbit robin, pixel xl and an iphone 7 plus. The iphone is the only one that works as it should, the android devices all show the exact same issues. The app is crap and ruins a $1000 drone.

Don’t buy DJI. They rip off the open source community then sell you overpriced crap that you can’t use without permission and a baby sitter.

Build your own.

Yeah, that sounds easy. I’ll just build my own drone that can launch and land in my hand and can fit inside a camera bag. …with my camera in it.

These numbers are not even close. I lost my SPARK in a lake due to mid air shut off so I went to DJI forum to look for help/answers. DJI customer service basically blew me off. Offered a 30% discount on a new one and said "no proof of aircraft malfunction".

I was part of a thread that was documenting similar cases of mid air shut offs only. Not fly aways, crashes or unknown issues. Shut offs only. I had a post with an updated list of over 30 similar cases. DJI removed the post, but left the thread. My "unofficial" list is now well over 50 cases!!!

That is just me, keeping track of cases on the DJI forum, English language, without any of the similar cases from, facebook, Youtube or any other source. How many are really out there?? What is the cause DJI? Is there a fix???

DJI now recognizes there is a problem and has admitted it.

They are still refusing to replace drones that are lost due to this defect. Shame on you DJI.

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