Microsoft is adding game gifting to the Xbox One store

Microsoft is planning to add game gifting to the Xbox One store, so gamers can buy titles for their friends. Mike Ybarra, Xbox vice president, revealed on Twitter today that the company is “not far” off adding the support to gift purchases. Currently, Microsoft and Sony both don’t allow game gifting on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but Valve offers Steam Gifts to let friends redeem games.

Game gifting has been a highly requested feature by Xbox One fans. A post on Microsoft’s Xbox feedback site has amassed nearly 5,000 votes over the past three years. It’s not clear when Microsoft plans to detail its game gifting service, but with Gamescom scheduled next month and Ybarra’s confirmation it’s likely we’ll hear more very soon.


Still waiting on that wish list…

They’ve confirmed it’s coming too! I believe they’ll release these features with the planned overhaul they have for the Xbox Store.

I know the 360 games/DLC marketplace needs an overhaul with backwards compatibility growing. It’s a pain to have to go all the way to the purchase screen just to see the price of something (XB1 content doesn’t have this issue.)

I think there are legal hurdles to changing that. Something dumb and opaque, if I vaguely remember correctly haha

it’s also different platform/back-end. XB1/Win10/Microsoft Store are on a different system vs the X360 marketplace, which adds to the additional purchase requirements when purchasing the X360 games from the XB1 store.

Unless I’m super wrong, I think the 360 part of the Xbox One store is just a wrapper for the 360 website store. That’s why it doesn’t show the price until you hit the "show price" button and it loads a window with the information from the web listing.

That sounds like the most likely reason. I’m sure it’s a pretty intensive project to change it.

Wishlist with notifications when items go on sale or get price drops!

Now only if they add refunds which are somewhat similar to Steam, then Xbox Store (and Windows Store) would probably be near perfect.

From what I remember they’ve added refunds recently.

They’re still in preview, I believe. But yea.. right now I have to use third party sites for that sort of thing. Which is ok, but It also annoys me when they only show the discount percent on sales, rather than the actual price. Makes me go to instead

Storeparser is a godsend.

Do you know how refunds work?

What about if I bought a digital copy, then after time I have finished it and no longer have need for it?
Could that count as a refund or are they time boxed?
I’d love to be able to sell back or exchange and pay a fee to get discounted games.

I think you can only refund a game if you played less than 2 hours of it and you can’t refund any season passes or DLC.


The pain of doing digital downloads is that my copy of Yooka Laylee is likely to never be touched again.
I wish they let me sell the license back and use it to discount another game, although this most likely doesnt benefit MS or dev’s.

This will be a nice feature to have. There have been so many times when my friends or family and I would have used it, if it had been available in the past.

Next time buy a code online for xblive credit on amazon then send the code to your buddies. It would be nice if I could do it all on the console,but right now I buy games for my friends like this.
Find a good vendor that’ll send you the codes pronto. If you can’t it might be better to just go to the store.

XBox is winning!

Since the XB1 & WIn10 store are now a single marketplace, i’m assuming the gifting will apply to Win10 games/apps as well?

Interesting idea…

Especially in the world of UWP etc.

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