Nintendo says SNES Classic preorders coming in late August

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After Walmart’s embarrassing error and resulting cancellations, Nintendo has put an official timeframe on when consumers can expect to preorder the SNES Classic: it’s happening later this month. “We appreciate the incredible anticipation that exists for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition system, and can confirm that it will be made available for pre-order by various retailers late this month,” the company posted on Facebook today. The console goes on sale September 29th. Preorders have already opened up (and sold out) internationally.

Nintendo is also pledging that “a significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year.” How many does “significant” actually mean? Who knows. Nintendo has suggested that the nostalgic mini-console will be easier to purchase than the NES Classic, but there are really no guarantees.

Where to preorder the Super NES Classic Edition

Speaking of which, despite being discontinued months ago, the NES Classic keeps popping up in random places. GameStop’s ThinkGeek offered a batch of units last week but only made them available to customers who purchased the product as part of a bundle. I got suckered into one of those.

And only a few days later, Amazon’s Treasure Truck somehow stumbled across hundreds of NES Classic consoles that went to people who were near enough the promotional trucks to get one — at the original $60 retail price, even. Huh!


That’s cool.

Now can they start building the NES Classic again? Or did they destroy the molds and burn down the factory?

I forget… were they supposed to be a limited edition?

These are all intended to be limited runs and not standing product lines.

These are all intended to be limited runs and not standing product lines.

Well that’s dumb.

They do all the hard work to design the product… and equip factories to build them…

Then cut it off prematurely.

Boneheaded decision! Sad!

Do you say that every year the Hess Truck or Tickle Me Elmo drops? (Rhetorical) It’s a holiday product, meant to drum up hype, sell well & disappear. If you miss your chance to get it, you likely won’t have it. This is not unusual in the Toy industry & Nintendo makes a great portion of their revenue in branding & toy sales. They’re positioning these "Classic" consoles as toys.

I see that now.

Let me be angry.

This is the exact same device built by the exact same supplier in a new shell.

Good luck, although I’m still pissed at Wal-mart for cancelling my order almost a week later.

I don’t believe them, based on everything they have ever done.

I do, because interpretations of what’s ‘significant’ vary significantly.

Do they though?

Be prepared to be significantly disappointed

Already have, because Nintendo’s interpretation of Significant isn’t what it should be.

I loled

‘Significantly’ more – regardless of how many more – is not going to be able to satisfy day/week 1 demand, no matter what. NES was hard to find for most for its entire lifetime. Even if they scale up five-fold, they’re still going to be well short of demand.

And that’s fine. People just need to temper their expectations.

You never know with Nintendo. It warned that the Nintendo 64 would be in short supply during its North American launch, but Nintendo just happened to figure out its manufacturing difficulties (or whatever it claimed was causing the problem) shortly before launch and got more than enough out there. And with the Wii, Nintendo claimed that it wouldn’t be holding back supply to create demand and that anyone who wanted one would be able to find one, but then we had well over a year in which Wiis were next to impossible to find unless you were willing to buy one as part of a pricey bundle.

So, if you really want one of these things, pre-order just to be safe.

Given Nintendo’s flip-flop sales numbers for its consoles since the SNES, it should be no surprise that it tends to be conservative when manufacturing stock.

I believe it will produce enough SNES Minis this time round.

I’ll also ask, what do y’all think would be a sufficient number of consoles they should make? I think 12 million.

After the shortages with the NES Classic and its early demise, I won’t buy another Nintendo product.

Good, more for the rest of us who don’t harbor odd grudges against companies that make amazing things.

If you can buy those things. If they let you before they decide to discontinue it prematurely.

And only a few days later, Amazon’s Treasure Truck somehow stumbled across hundreds of NES Classic consoles that went to people who were near enough the promotional trucks to get one

That’s not how the Treasure Truck works. You have to order and pay in the app, then you just go pick up your already paid-for order at the truck later in the day. The app notification of NES Classic in the Treasure Truck went out at around 9:30 AM and very quickly sold out (limit 1 per customer). Then you just had to make it down to one of the truck’s stops that day. A Treasure Truck employee would scan your QR code and hand you the bag.

Also, it’s not like Amazon "somehow stumbled across" these units. There is no doubt that they were intentionally saving this stash specifically for the broad launch of the Treasure Truck across five new cities. Before Saturday, Treasure Truck was only a thing in the Seattle area. With Saturday’s NES Classic event, the Treasure Truck also launched in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Same for…you know they hoard them for bundles.

I was able to get 3 from the TT. You just had to order on separate accounts.

We’ll bee if I can grab one early. Make my own bundle. Should have a couple -S in route.

Does anyone know if they’re going to make a miniature N64?

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