Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled for overheating risk

Some more bad news for the Galaxy Note line: just over 10,000 batteries for the Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled for risk of overheating that could lead to burns or fires.

This recall is a lot different than last year’s Note 7 fiasco. While that one affected every single phone and happened because of a design flaw, this one is far more limited and doesn’t even seem to be Samsung’s fault.

Only phones refurbished through AT&T’s insurance program and handled by FedEx Supply Chain are impacted by the recall. Some of the refurbished phones apparently ended up with “counterfeit” batteries that include anomalies that could make them overheat.

Fortunately, the Note 4 has a replaceable battery, so this recall isn’t as big of a deal. Owners can just buy a new battery to use in their phone until the recall is taken care of. FedEx is currently sending out replacement batteries as well as boxes for returning the recalled phones.

In a statement, Samsung placed the blame for the recall on FedEx. A spokesperson also disputed this article’s use of the phrasing “Galaxy Note 4 batteries,” since they were not made by Samsung.

“FedEx Supply Chain is conducting this recall of non-genuine Samsung batteries as some of them are counterfeit,” the spokesperson said. “The refurbishment program was managed by FedEx Supply Chain and operated independently of Samsung. Any affected owners should contact FedEx Supply Chain at 1-800-338-0163 or go online at for more information.”

Though the Note 4 is a three-year-old phone, the affected units were sent out pretty recently. All of them were distributed between December 2016 and April 2017.

So far, there’s only been one report of a phone overheating and no damage to people or property because of it.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says that anyone with one of these phones should stop using the battery immediately.

Update August 16th, 3:02PM ET: This story has been updated to include a statement from Samsung.


Samsung, will you ever learn?

Ill still get the Note 8 anyway btw

this one is far more limited and doesn’t even seem to be Samsung’s fault.

I wanna assume you’re joking. But just in case you aren’t, read the article.

So AT&T’s insurance company cut corners?

Fedex doesn’t order the supplies nor do I think they put the phones back together before they get shipped out, but who knows? The insurance company is suppose to inspect everything. That is what the whole refurb grading system is for.

A few years late? Shouldn’t this have been caught earlier when the phone was still popular?

read the…ahhh
must not feed you must not feed you must not feed you must not feed you

Are you still using it ? Did you update the software to Android 6 and if yes, how is doze mode? Is there a battery improvement ?

wow Note 4 that’s like a phone that came out in 2014

smart phone batteries deteriorate over time yes you will have battery issues from a 3 year old phone just replace it, the back comes off and you can buy an after market OEM battery

I replaced mine… phone died a few months later. Can’t say it was related but it flashed me an overheating message, then went dead. Never came back. Tried everything. Online forums told me this was not an uncommon issue and the motherboard almost definitely fried itself.

My replacement battery was labeled a Samsung but I suppose it’s possible it could be counterfeit. Looked exactly like my original, though.

Bought an LG V20; I’m done with Samsung phones.

Back when Samsung’s designs were actually premium.

Define premium. While I had no issue with their phone designs back then, they got a lot of crap for those phones. Which is why they made a change in design.

For me, it means durable, rugged, non-slippery, allows you to replace the battery yourself in one minute, in some cases even water-resistant (S5 was IP67)

For the media, "premium" means "looks all nice and shiny". No plastic allowed!

We all know which definition won.

Outside of the US, there aren’t genuine Note 4 batteries available. Not even with the authorized service center. Right now using battery purchased at Walmart and shipped to me. Fake battery. Charge never reaches more than 70%.

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