Facebook will soon purge video clickbait from the News Feed

Facebook has announced two new updates that will limit video clickbait posts from appearing in the News Feed. The posts being targeted are those that have fake video play buttons embedded into an image, and videos of a static image.

Facebook’s algorithm actively promotes videos, especially longer ones. Spammers have exploited this to trick users into clicking links to low-quality websites and those with malicious ads. Users started noticing static images disguised as videos a little while ago where some pages were gaming Facebook's algorithm by just uploading static memes as 10-second videos.

“Publishers that rely on these intentionally deceptive practices should expect the distribution of those clickbait stories to markedly decrease,” Facebook engineers Baraa Hamodi, Zahir Bokhari, and Yun Zhang, wrote in a blog post. “Most Pages won’t see significant changes to their distribution in News Feed.”

The demotion of video clickbait posts will roll out over the next few weeks. In May, the company rolled out more tweaks to the News Feed to limit clickbait posts.

Facebook has been taking a more aggressive approach to moderating content on its platform since the US election, after the social networking site was criticized for not doing enough to combat fake news proliferating on its platform.


Seriously everyone, please leave Facebook

No I don’t want cancer to spread. Keep at one place where I will not go.

Pro Tip: whatever FB says they are going to optimize the News Feed for people are going to try to find a way to game the system. I’m honestly surprised it took them this long to catch onto this practice. Pretty much as soon as video took over at "the thing" those sort of static meme videos and the like showed up and dominated feeds.

haven’t looked back at facebook since i stopped using it 4 years back. still have the account, but no way i want to be a part of that hellhole again

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