Here’s every game enhanced for Xbox One X

Microsoft revealed at its Gamescom press event today that the company has more than 100 games ready and enhanced for the upcoming Xbox One X console. The enhancements will include 4K and HDR support in many cases, and mean that a game has been updated to support the new power inside the Xbox One X. Sony had more than 45 games enhanced for the PS4 Pro during its launch period last year.

While game makers can’t create titles only for the Xbox One X, they can provide more assets, a higher resolution, and better frame rates on the console. All of these optimizations fall under a new “Xbox One X Enhanced” program. The optimizations might not always be clear, but Microsoft is using three logos in total for new Xbox One games. There’s an enhanced logo to indicate a game has been updated for the Xbox One X, and a 4K and HDR logo to note specific support.

The 4K indicator simply means a game has a 2160p butter output, but that 4K support will include native, checkerboarding, and dynamic resolution. Microsoft’s HDR support is the regular HDR10 standard that is also used on the Xbox One S, and there’s no word on Dolby Vision support.

Here’s the full list:


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is all the reason I need to get the Xbox One X. Gimme them 4K forests!

I have nothing against 4K but I would much prefer a console that put fps above resolution. Ie if Microsoft said that the next console will guarantee a rock solid 60fps gameplay then they would have something because IMO fps matters more than the resolution the game can hit. For example, 60fps makes the game alot smooter and natural and 30fps just feels slow. Take destiny 2, 30fpx vs 60fps, in 60fps the game just feels plain different, its faster more responsive, it just feels right. Now I wont say that 60fps is suitable for all games, some games will traditional JRPG wont benefit from the jump to 6fps (or maybe they would) but i feels stupid for this chase to 4K when Microsoft and Sony should be chasing rock solid fram rates and not resolution. The hardware (even on PC) to run any game at 4K at above 30fps requires expensive hardware. Yes you can cheap and upscale but then are you really buying a 4K console? if it isnt true 4K, whats the point? Besides 8K is around the corener…so now what? Will they push for 8K consoles?

I feel that people rush to 4K when they should be asking, why arent we talking more about stablet rock solid fps at 60 because in 2017 60fps is a must for any thing. I love me my graphics and resolution but i much prefer gaming at 60fps or higher (if possible) because a smoother game outshines anything trying to aim at a higher resolution (unless it is achieving a stable fps) and i dont see that happening because from what i have seen a stable fps on a 4K game requires expensive hardware. The scorpio may be able to achive it with a 1070 type of chip but they must have had to re work the OS to have as little impact on overhead as possible. I really feel that Microsoft and Sony shouldnt be chasing resolution but instead frame rates.

I totally agree with you. I have a FE GTX 1080 and I’m mainly a PC gamer. Even my 6 core I7 had trouble hitting 4k on ultra with 60FPS so I put my resolution to 1440p instead and the reason is sticky for fps purposes. My GTX is an 11Teraflop card so in no way the XB1X can achieve 60fps at 4k but I don’t really think that’s MS’ s goal with it.

We all know that the Xbox one was under powered and always falled behind the PS4. So I believe that getting 60FPS at 1080p is really the goal here and that the XB1X should have no problem doing. What really bothers me though it’s online games such as Destiny 2 that will lock their fps to 30 for the console because it have to support players that have the XB1 so that there is no unfair a advantage between those 2 generation consoles. I like both PC gaming and consoles (own an XB1 and a PS4) and yesterday I did pre-order the XB1X but I did it for the graphics and better fps for my current library and definitely not because of 4k.

in regards to Destiny 2 the problem isnt supporting console gamers to stick at 30fps, its Sony making Bungie and Activision pair back the game on Scorpio to only be 30fps. I mean no one asked for it to be 4K, it could easily be 1080p 60fps on all the consoles and then every gamer playing destiny 2, whether it be console or PC can all play together…though PC has Keyboard and mouse support…well if people actually cared about being competitive (as in they take Destiny 2 PvP seriously) then bugie, add in Keyboard and mouse support to consoles.

Simple stuff really….choices dont hurt anyone.

I would much prefer a console that put fps above resolution.

^^^ THIS. I have been screaming this from the mountain tops for several years now.

The hardware (even on PC) to run any game at 4K at above 30fps requires expensive hardware

Well after that wall of text I guess you’ll be happy to know Microsoft announced a bunch of scorpio games at native 4K locked to 60fps. You can breathe again.

its good they announced some but where is the push from MS to other dev houses? 60fps matters more than 4k because at the end of the day you notice a smooth game more than the resolution it runs at.

I personally feel that the console manufacturers have their priorites wrong on where they should focus their time.

The devs are free to support 60 fps at resolutions lower than 4K. Phil Spencer has repeatedly stated that Microsoft doesn’t dictate what 3rd party developers do with the extra power on the new console:

Disappointed Ghost Recon: wildlands isn’t in the list. The environment was stunning on the Xbox One S, it would have been breathtaking in 4K HDR.

Pretty psyched about Forza in 4K though

It’s under T for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Well now I feel dumb.
Excited too, but dumb.

Quantum Break will be interesting, since it was already doing some reconstruction to achieve 1080p. If it’s much above 1080p in native resolution and the checkerboarding achieves significantly cleaner results than Remedy’s tech, that will be a win for sure.

No Mass Effect Andromeda enhancements. Was hoping for a 60fps/900p and 30fps/4K mode… ;(

They’re not updating the single-player anymore after 5 months.

Yeah I know, I was just hoping that would be its swan song, an update for the Xbox One X. Was hoping they had finished that already, as it would be a minor update. To be fair, they abandoned Mass Effect 2 too quickly also. Also Andromeda is vastly improved over launch. I quite like it now. I’m playing 4k/60 fps with a GTX 1080 ti, since I gave up on consoles (except Switch) until the PS5 I guess. 60 fps or nothing please.

so basically EA said we have this amazing story for Mass Effect Andromeda…then cut the story up so that they can provide it in future DLC (at what ever price they so choose) then 5 months later end any support for the single player part meaning all that story they may have cut out (we know they did -its EA) will never get released so they made everyone pay full price for a broken game.

…nice EA, nice.

Oh I’m sorry, are you expecting meaningful development work happening on Andromeda less than half a year after its release? Potentially from its development studio that they just killed off? They probably realized it would cost too much to salvage and reconstruct, but how I wish they had stuck with it…

No Destiny 2 or Overwatch is interesting

Blizzard is optimizing Diablo III for the Xbox One X, but not Overwatch?

Sony has a very strong deal with Destiny 2, possibly preventing any updates for X. Plenty of speculation about Sony forcing some kind of parity preventing Bungie giving full One X feature advancements.

That exclusiveness is what will keep me from getting Destiny 2. I played every bit of Destiny, but the Sony death hold or straight out MS hate is strong. Exclusive content till it’s basically worthless to release on Xbox is BS. Bungie can eat a bag of D’s as far as I’m concerned and won’t get another dime from me.

Sony has the Pro but so you’d expect even with parity that they could leverage some of the One X power over a base Xbox release.

Anyway the whole saga makes me hold Bungie in much lower regard. Exclusive content is one thing (and as an Xbox owner something I dislike), but the idea that they’d technically limit the title to make another console remain competitive is pretty shocking. Even if there is no deal preventing them optimising to the One X, the decision not too seems pretty poor to me. I mean, the games hitting PC where a lot of the higher end graphics capabilities will no doubt be available.

i don’t know if it’s so much Bungie as it’s Activision. Bungie’s hand may just be forced on this issue by Activision, which has had a lot of exclusives deals with Sony this gen. I can’t imagine a developer not wanting to take advantage of any hardware.

That may be it. No Call of Duty, just 1? Blizzard game, no Destiny. Is Activision taking a wait and see approach before putting in work? But… judging from how other devs have said that it only took a few hours to days to make a working port…

Bungie is planning to enhance Destiny 2 for Scorpio, but hasn’t gotten a thumbs up from Microsoft to talk about it. Does Microsoft have an "Enhanced" certification for Scorpio? If it hasn’t passed that yet, that could explain why they can’t talk about it and why it was excluded from this list.

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