The Daily Stormer switched addresses and got pushed off the web a second time

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer briefly returned to the web today, using a new URL and a string of new hosts to dodge the bans that took it off the internet last week. The site reappeared this morning at the address, apparently using Dreamhost as both a host and DNS provider.

Shortly after the new site became public, Anonymous groups began a denial-of-service attack against it, targeting the Dreamhost DNS infrastructure that makes the site accessible to the rest of the web. The result was nearly two hours of intermittent downtime for the countless sites using Dreamhost’s DNS infrastructure. Dreamhost announced the problems had been just before 3:30pm ET.

Punishedstormer is currently down, although it’s unclear whether it’s the result of action at Dreamhost or another provider. The URL appears to have been registered by GoDaddy, which dropped the neo-Nazi site as a client last week. Dreamhost also hosts the official sites for hate groups like the National Vanguard and the Northwest Front, which Politico called “America’s worst racists” in a 2015 article.

Web providers came under significant pressure to drop the Daily Stormer last week, after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville resulted in the killing of a counter-protestor named Heather Heyer. But today marks the first time that activism has resulted in direct action against web infrastructure, clogging traffic for many sites with no direct connection to the Daily Stormer and its ideology.


Please stop linking to the Daily Stormer website in articles about the Daily Stormer. It is unethical to link to a hate group’s website, even if it is down at the time.

Nice. Get owned, Nazi scum

i do not agree with the message the nazis have but i think they have as much right to their opinions as anyone else does.

this is not the way to handle things.

i believe that everyone should be allowed to say what they think.

Yeah, no…

yeah, last time people let nazis have a "voice" they started a World War and murdered billions.

When you have a credit history like that, i can’t blame if we have to shoot first and then listen afterwards.

Actually, it wasn’t the Nazis voice that started WWII, it was their guns. Big difference.
Funny how people want to take away their voice, but are perfectly happy to let them have guns.

Pretty sure those who want to take away their voice ALSO want to take away their guns

Look where freedom of speech has gotten the US.

Have you heard of the Paradox of Tolerance? It is a decision theory paradox created by Karl Popper in 1945.

Simplifying it, it says "If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them."

This is why it is contradictory to give freedom of speech to extremists (such as Nazis, KKK, etc) who, if they got what they wanted, would suppress the freedom of speech of those that they disagree with.

Everyone legally does have the right to say what they think. In this case, DailyStormer legally posted whatever it wanted to, and the hosting company legally had the right to shut down their hosting of them due to their terms of service. Now, if the government had stepped in and said "you have to shut down" then yeah, that would have been wrong – but in this case, its two private entities, so no wrongdoing here.


Actually, this is not true.

If the only way for you to have your say is taken away, then your rights are being violated, whether it’s the government causing it or not.

Once we gave private companies control over the Internet, something that used to be owned and controlled by governments, then the responsibility for freedom of speech was also transferred to those companies.

Once people start preventing you from being heard at all, they are taking away your rights.

No, the internet was never run by governments and private companies should shut down nazis wherever they are.

They can still go outside and distribute pamphlets.

I do find it rather mystifying that white supremacists and nazi’s complain that liberals are not allowing them their constitutional right to speak when the very thing they’re asking for is the removal of other people’s constitutional right to exist in the country they were born. The hypocrisy, and idiocy, is appalling.

When you show tolerance to intolerance you eventually get sent to a gas chamber or lined up against a wall, or hung in the street; this isn’t hyperbole but very recent history. Fuck these guys, close them down, a simple rule for free-speech should be "are you inciting genocide?" If the answer is yes, you don’t get to have a voice.

I believe they are actually pointing out the hypocrisy of the people who are preventing them from speaking, showing they are no better than the supremacists are.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

"a simple rule for free-speech should be "are you inciting genocide?" If the answer is yes, you don’t get to have a voice."

Those people who created the USA, your forefathers, disagree with you on that.

I believe you aren’t familiar with the concept of the paradox of tolerance. It’s not hypocrisy to shut down the intolerant, it is our duty as a tolerant society.

Why do i get the feeling you are sad that vile site isn’t reachable?

F++k the forefathers, they were the biggest hypocrites themselves.
You Americans need to stop mystifying that group of tea wasters and actually admit that there are flaws to them and their holy constitution. For outsiders the cult around them and that piece of paper is super super creepy.

I believe you don’t understand anything that I just wrote Mergatroid. They’re better than the white supremacists in that they don’t want to put all non-white people into a gas-chamber, the hypocrisy from people like you and the nazis is shocking.

I agree 100%.
People who deny the Nazis their voice are no better than the Nazis.

"I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it".

I am amazed how many people seem to forget these words, one of the basic foundations of freedom in the USA. I find it rather amusing that a Canadian has to lecture Americans on their own principles.

So, whom will we deny a voice next time? Atheists because they don’t believe in the foolishness of religions? How about Muslims because they disagree with the gospel so popular in the southern states?

It’s starting to remind me of the McCarthy communist witch hunts of the 50s.

Frankly, those hackers who shut down all the websites were effectively nuking an entire community to get at a single website. These people are no better than the people they were attacking.

It makes me laugh how righteous they claim to be, all the while violating the very principles they claim to stand for.
What a bunch of hypocrites.

Yeah, no. Calling for genocide is incitement. We have laws against that in America.

Not hypocrisy. Paradox, you can’t guarantee tolerance of all humans when you aren’t shutting the down the intolerant who will get rid of tolerance as soon as they are in power. Why are you creeps so hard on for the holier than thou founding fathers?

"Bla bla everyone is created equal bla bla… what’s that you say? Oh, yeah those are just my slaves nevermind them"

Flaws everywhere

America was built on slaves, don’t talk to me about American freedom and superiority, you’re kidding yourself, actually read a history book that isn’t written by ignorant xenophobes.

It seems like in your little mind people are not allowed to use their own free speech to argue with nazis. Nothing is stopping Nazi’s from congregating in public, they’ve been given permits by the government (so your first amendment isn’t being prohibited) but where in the constitution does it say that other free Americans are not allowed to come and protest the vile and racist views that your group is spouting in a public forum? Where is your free speech being prohibited here, who are you talking about??

Nope. When you incite violence and hate, you don’t get to claim 1st amendment protection. There is no moral, ethical or legal obligation to protect these dirtbags.

You should probably take down that tweet, Ellingwood says that he wasn’t referring to the Stormer in his tweet

There was banning… on many sides ― on many sides.

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