Apple and Amazon are collecting donations for Harvey storm relief

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas yesterday, and while the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm, it’s expected to drop up to 40 inches of rain in the area, which is leading to catastrophic flooding in the area. To help with the coming relief efforts, Apple and Amazon have begun accepting donations for the Red Cross.

As with its efforts to collect money for the Southern Poverty Law Center after Charlottesville, Apple has opened a page on its storefronts that allows users to make donations in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 increments. The page states that 100 percent of proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, and that personal information won’t be shared with the organization.

Amazon and Whole Foods, meanwhile, will match up to $1 million in cash donations made to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief via Amazon.

Update Aug 28th, 05:53 AM: Article updated with Amazon relief information.


Considering the Southern Poverty Law Center has more than $319 million in cash on hand, 98% of which is designated as "unrestricted" in use, Apple can hardly be considered to be a wise steward of charitable gifts.

If Apple has millions to throw away on bloated "advocacy groups" like the SPLC, they can dig a little deeper to help the people of Texas.

Is this really the time to make a half-baked, reactionary, meaningless clearly biased political statement? At what point did Apple say they WERENT giving any money to the hurricane relief effort? Why did you feel the need to draw the SPLC into this?

The article is simply bringing light to a charity effort, and you couldn’t resist the urge to virtue signal could you?

The truth is often inconvenient.

It’s more of a "pointing out" of Apple’s decisions to insert themselves into the latest major public controversy.

It could be said that Apple’s decision, considering that they’re a tech company, to set themselves up as a platform for the routing of donations to an organization like the Red Cross is quite different from setting themselves up as a platform for routing donations to an organization like the SPLC; i.e., donating to the Red Cross as a reaction to a natural disaster is far less political than donating to the SPLC as a reaction to a social incident.

Either way, the topic is highly relevant to the discussion of the "intersection of tech and popular culture," which is to paraphrase the way Mr. Patel loves to describe The Verge’s mission. I hope I got it right.

I hope they’re at least matching donations.

Seems like a slimey way to get credit card numbers on file.

That is Google’s prerogative, not Apple’s. Besides, why are you dudes being assholes when companies are trying to help people? Isn’t that what you’d WANT them to do?

I’d want them to give their own money, instead of asking people for theirs.

It’s not like Apple is light on change. I didn’t realize Apple wasn’t in the game of making money, but Google is.

I didn’t realize Apple wasn’t in the game of making money, but Google is


I thought Texas packed their bags years ago? What happened to pulling yourself up by your boot straps.

..and they of course keep 30%, as per standard for purchases through Itunes

… didn’t read, did you?

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