Capcom re-releases Street Fighter II on $100 cartridge that might set your SNES on fire

Capcom and Iam8bit have teamed up to re-release Street Fighter II on an actual SNES cartridge to mark the series' 30th anniversary. The cartridges cost $100 and are limited to a run of 5,500; 1,000 of those are “Glow-in-the-dark Blanka green” and the rest are “Opaque Ryu Headband Red,” though which color you receive is ultimately random.

At $20 more than a SNES Classic, which includes Street Fighter II Turbo and 20 other games, the 30th-anniversary cartridges are clearly collectors' items more than practical products. And nothing underlines that more than the somewhat alarming caveat included on Iam8bit's product page:

WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby. Use of the Product is at the sole risk of the user.

Well then.

If the risk of turning your living room into a hadouken-esque fireball isn't too offputting, you can order the cartridge now. It's set to ship in November.


How shitty are the internals that they had to issue that warning?! Better if they just made a cart with no pins so the SNES wouldn’t even boot up the game

i think they’re more worried about the SNES catching fire on its own than about the cartridge causing any damage. they say "The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible": it’s about preventing being sued by people that took their SNES out of the box where it’s been for the last 20 years and turned it on without even cleaning the internals.

Wait, is the cartridge functional? Does it have an actual game in it or it’s just decorative?

Nice marketing. I doubt there is any risk at all. Seriously, the cartridge is just a computer chip board with pins which holds the game data…. It doesn’t have a GPU or more RAM inside or something like that. The only difference would be the cartridge colour.

I think the point is, that the code on the cartridge might not be 100% compatible with the SNES and therefore might put too much stress on CPU and therefore overheat? An odd warning to release anyway, plus I would expect the SNES to have some sort of fail-safe mechanism that prevents it from overheating to the point that it starts burning…

I think in the disclaimer, they are not referencing the Cartridge but the SNES Console, which might be misfunctioning after so many years.

If this is the case, the headline is misleading as well…

Also in the Taco Bell!

Where is the superior MegaDrive / Genesis version ;0

But why?

people are buying this sh** now

Sadly this will be cheaper and easier to get than the SNES Classic.

I figured since this re-cart is so expensive there must be a huge demand for the old carts. I still have mine. Maybe I’ll list it on eBay.

Nope. Lots of old SF2 carts for sale for 8-20$.

Oh yeah that’s mad. Why would you pay this much for a reissue when you can have an original SF2 cart! Even a boxed original is still cheaper.

Because you are a super fan and want something that is limited edition. Supply and demand.

Hahaha! This is insane!

No Nintendo Seal of Approval, no buy.

I agree. The patent on Super Nintendo cartridges has most likely expired so Capcom is able to do this. You can never be sure of the quality since it’s clearly a cash grab.

Dunno about most people, but my nostalgia for fighting games from the 90s is from arcade cabinets, not consoles. That’s where I spent most of my time gaming, since the home ports all paled in comparison with few exceptions (looking at you, MK2 for MS-DOS).

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