Gboard adds sticker and Bitmoji support, just in case GIFs and emoji weren’t enough

Gboard, Google’s flagship keyboard app, today adds a sticker functionality for even more ways to communicate with your contacts without using words. The update allows you to download sticker packs or sync your Bitmoji characters and add them to any app that supports image pasting.

To find stickers, tap the emoji icon on the bottom and a new sticker tab should be available for you to browse through available options. You can manually search for the one you want, or sort through them using categories like “Hi,” “Yes,” “No,” “Yay,” — you get the point. Gboard stickers work a lot like stickers on iMessage, there are both free and paid packs available to download from the Play Store. The sticker functionality was previously available on Allo, one of Google’s many messaging apps, which has its own Bitmoji-like set of stickers customized to look like you based on your selfie.

The support is only arriving on GBoard for Android for now, Google has not specified when the feature will roll out to iOS.


I’m okay with the Bitmoji integration. As silly as it may seem, my wife and I use it for sending each other goofy messages, so not having to change keyboards will be nice.

It’s not silly at all. Bitmoji are awesome for some light humor and I also use it all the time. This integration is great.

It’s amazing how much better Google is at software than everyone else. GBoard was introduced not too long ago and has quickly become the preferred keyboard for many users on all platforms.

Add this to Maps, Calendar, Photos, Mail, Trips, Keep, etc. All seemingly simple ideas without much room for improvement until Google comes along and creates one that becomes the preferred standard.

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