Facebook’s new video hub is coming to everyone in the US

Facebook’s new video platform is rolling out to all users in the US over the next few days, the company announced today. The platform, called Watch, will have hundreds of original shows for people to choose from.

Facebook is priming the platform by paying creators to make 20- to 30-minute shows. But eventually, Facebook plans to open up content-making privileges to everyone. The platform was initially announced in early August and will replace the current video tab in Facebook on mobile, desktop, and TV.

For Facebook, this is a golden opportunity for luring in ad revenue, especially for a company that has run out of advertising space on its packed News Feed. Billions of people already watch and share Facebook videos regularly, so it’s easy to imagine them simply tapping one tab over to continue doing so.


I think I finally realized why I stopped using Facebook. It’s evolution has always focused on ad revenue, not features. Like a feature they rolled out? Well its not making enough money so now it’s gone. Hope you like this annoying feature we cram down your throat because it’s making us a ton of money.

I’m actually glad now that they spinned the messenger app off but I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw that up too.

In-conversation advertising. Just wait for it.

Another race to match the other’s strengths.

  • Netflix trying to match HBO’s catalog before HBO can build up their streaming infrastructure.
  • Walmart trying to match Amazon’s online convenience before Amazon can match their brick and mortar locations.
  • YouTube trying to get more social before Facebook can match their content and recommendations.

The video player is suuuuuper clean and nice. Good job FB on that one.

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