Amazon Alexa is coming to the Bragi Dash

The Bragi Dash wireless earbuds are getting a new feature later this year: the ability to talk to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. The headphone maker announced at the IFA trade show today that a software update coming in October will allow access to Alexa, and will be available in English (US and UK) and German.

It’s not the first pair of headphones to receive Alexa support, but this is definitely the first pair of truly wireless earbuds to offer access to the digital assistant. Alexa won’t be triggered by a wake word, though — users will have to either tap or use the Dash’s “4D menu,” in which the earbud uses motion sensing to allow users to turn their head left or right and select from a virtual menu.

Dash (and Dash Pro) users can already use the earbuds to talk to to Siri and Google Assistant, so Alexa availability will expand the choice available to the user. Alexa can do many of the same things that Siri and Google Assistant are capable of, too, like start a mobile order at Starbucks, or order a ride from Uber or Lyft. But the connection to Amazon’s shopping infrastructure is one obvious reason to pick it over the others. And Alexa’s skills integration means there’s lots of potential for new abilities that weren’t previously possible, like being able to ask for a particular airport’s security line wait-times.

In my time reviewing both products, I’ve found that activating Siri with the Dash and the Dash Pro isn’t the quickest process in the world, so I’m hoping Alexa’s integration on the earbuds will be smoother. If not, Alexa will join the others in the Dash’s digital assistant limbo.


It would be better for them to focus on actually delivering the headphones. I have ordered mine 3 months ago – and still they are not able to deliver, not even provide the estimated delivery time. Not big use of Alexa integration if you do not have the headphones.

No. People make fun of AirPods but they are the best in all markets hands down (if they fit your ear). I have tried literally every single pair that comes out and the closet were the Bragi Headphone. They need to make the Headphone with a little bit better sound, give a charging case with it, touch tap controls instead of push button, and allow independent use (AirPods and most others you can use the left or right singularly where Headphone the left doesn’t work unless the right is connected). Stop this extra crap thing that smartphones are going through. Focus on the things that matter when it comes to that particular device. Same goes with smart watches.

I agree with you about the improvements to the Headphone with one caveat, currently without touch/tap controls, I like that the left shuts off when you remove the right. I find it easier to pull the one out when you need to talk to someone (instead of shoving it deeper in your ear trying to push the button). They also need to improve the way it charges. Every time I charge them I have to fiddle with each earphone so that they connect and start to charge (they aren’t dirty with wax or anything).

I totally agree it makes a lot of sense to link to the Amazon’s shopping infrastructure. Amazon is leading the way with amazing technologies. For example one of the most amazing technologies I like is Dash Replenishment. For me it is totally going to help me as my profession is laundry and dry cleaning. I have more than a few washing machines at my workplace and I am having a hard time keeping track of how many of these laundry appliances are running low on detergent. Most of the time the machine will complete the washing process without the detergent which makes my work more difficult as I have to start the washing process all over again from the scratch.

Sometimes when that happens, I might not have detergent on stock to refill the bottles. This is even more trouble for me. I have been thinking outside the box for some time to rectify this kind of problems as my work has to be spontaneous. Now, all I need to do is to learn how to connect all of the machines with this Dash Replenishment from Amazon. This makes me feel like Amazon somehow came to know about my problem and gave me this as a solution. Also when I order for things like detergent for so many machines, I order in large numbers most of the time so that I can save more time on ordering in the future. The problem is, I do not have a lot of space in my workplace since I have a lot of machines there. I always focus on keeping the place neat too. I had to compromise on the neatness because of the bulk storage. Now I think I do not have to worry about that.

Once I connect all my machines to Dash Replenishment. I am going to receive detergent only when needed and I receive it from Amazon, I will know if one of the machines needs attention on refilling detergent. This makes me work without a caution symbol over my head all the time and the fear of the double work will be gone too.

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