Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update arrives on October 17th

Microsoft is planning to release its next major Windows 10 update on October 17th. The software giant has been testing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for the majority of the year, and it includes a number of features and changes. The biggest addition is Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft’s platform for new VR headsets from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The Mixed Reality software is now fully part of Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update, and some headsets will be available on October 17th with others arriving later this year.

Microsoft had planned some far bigger features for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but the company ended up delaying most of them to the next update planned early next year. A new Timeline feature has been cut, which will eventually let Windows 10 users switch between multiple devices, including Android and iOS phones. A universal clipboard feature for copying data between phones and PCs has also been delayed.

Windows 10 People integration

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will include the new People integration, allowing users to pin their favorite contacts to the taskbar. Microsoft is also including OneDrive Files On-Demand with the Fall Creators Update, bringing back the old placeholders feature to let you easily fetch files from OneDrive without having to sync them or download entire folders. Parts of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design will be included in the Fall Creators Update, bringing some subtle design changes to built-in apps.

One of the best smaller additions is a new emoji picker that’s activated using a new winkey + period / semicolon keyboard shortcut. It’s a much quicker way of finding an emoji within any Windows 10 apps. Microsoft is also including a beta version of its integrated eye tracking software, and big improvements to stylus support for handwriting gestures and converted text.

Microsoft is currently finalizing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, with Windows Insiders testing builds for bug fixes. That testing is expected to be complete by the end of September, and Windows Insiders will be the first to run the final version of the Fall Creators Update. Microsoft is now moving on to its next major Windows 10 update, which is currently codenamed Redstone 4.


Will this make Windows finally as stable as OS X?

I want to get a Surface Pro but the last time I used a Windows laptop, it was a frustrating, infuriating experience. The OS makes or breaks a product, and Microsoft is greatly lacking in creating a solid, stress-free, OS.

When was that last time you used a Windows laptop? Windows 10 is great, and I’ve had no problems with stability.

Every now and then when I check my dads Lenovo Thinkpad to run a few programs (AVG, Malware Bytes, CCleaner, etc.)

The great thing about Macs is that you don’t have to even use those programs. One less thing to deal with. I’ve had my MacBook Air for quite a few years now and I haven’t had a single software or hardware issue with it. It runs like a dream, it works as intended and just how you want it. Quite a far cry from the Lenovo and past Windows laptops I’ve owned (Asus, Toshiba, Sony Vaio).

Going from OS X to Windows seems like a mega downgrade, in quality. I occasionally read the r/Surface section on Reddit and I see nothing but problems.

fun- ive had nothing but problems with the mac’s- mainly minis – i’ve used. crashes, mis-managed and hung software. updates that doesn’t work and the slowest and most broken user experience I’ve had the pleasure of trying, which includes operating systems dating back to the c64.

yet I don’t claim or expect that everyone using osx has the same experience like some people would …

imho win10 is head and shoulders above the broken experience that is osx, yet, that doesn’t really say much considering how bad osx is.

I’m a long time Mac user. I don’t think I’ve used Windows as a daily driver in 10+ yrs. Windows 10 has me rethinking getting another Mac. I’ve played with some of the newer Windows devices and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Windows 10. I’ve not had issues from a stability standpoint with my Mac. I think I’m just over Apple and it’s bullshit marketing.

"Every now and then when I check my dads Lenovo Thinkpad to run a few programs (AVG, Malware Bytes, CCleaner, etc.)"

In my opinion, if you are running CCleaner on Windows, you are doing it wrong. It’s one of the main reasons why Windows machines become unstable and break during updates. And the third-party AV stuff, if not outright problematic, is probably not helpful.

We run Windows 10 on multiple machines in our household, and they are all stable, reliable, and malware free. Our philosophy is very simple: run Windows with stock system software—no third party "registry cleaners", performance boosters, shell hacks, anti-virus, firewalls, or other nonsense to screw up the platform. We rely on Windows Defender, use of sandboxed browsers (Edge or Chrome), aggressive and consistent OS security patching—enabled by default now—and on common sense.

For a rationale on why sticking with Windows Defender AV makes sense, see here:

I personally believe that a whole host of former "best practices" that long-time Windows users follow are often responsible for the problems people seem to have when upgrading. The closer to a stock, bloat-free system you can run, the better. I trust no third-party system software, including most OEM software, which is almost never patched and updated as Windows 10 itself is. The good news is that Microsoft is generally very good about detecting and recognizing hardware and having quality inbox drivers for most machines. It’s only the very newest computers that require OEM drivers initially.

Or just run Windows 10 S

I repair computers for a living, and I do use CC Cleaner and other registry cleaners. You would be amazed at how many problems they solve, and out of the thousands of computers I have used them on, I have never seen them make a decent running computer worse.

I’m sure the "multiple machines" in your household are not the normal experience using this software. Machines kept in good condition do not suffer any issues running software such as CCleaner. In fact, many manufacturer forums actually recommend it to get rid of left over junk their own uninstallers did not remove. They`re also useful is ridding yourself of some malware or its aftereffects.

I also only use Defender on my computers, but it is not the best AV software. I use it because I know how to avoid infections. I do not recommend it for my customers who are not computer experts. They need something that will catch more of the infections than Defender will. If you check AV software rankings, you will that Defender / Security Essentials does not rank at the top.

Note that zdnet isn’t the best place to go for computer advice.

You don’t need any of those programs in Windows. Windows Defender is included and does everything automatically.

Nah, you don’t need any malware protection on a Mac…

The weird Windows world you’re describing is from the early 2000s.

You don’t download wipers, cleaners, registry molesters and other bells and whistles to mess up your computer. You type in your username and password and just use the computer. I’ve never seen an update notification in Windows 10. I’m sure Windows defender works in the background but I never see it either.

The irony is you’re breaking your dad’s computer by installing malware crap on it to take care of hypothetical malware, and then complain about the experience. Like, maybe stop doing that then?

Sorry, if you dealt with as many computers as I have, belonging to people who have no clue, you would realize how wrong your advice is for the average user.

Regular user should NEVER run ANY tools that require admin acces. That would(does actually for my parents) solve 99.99% of problems.

More to the point, from Windows 7 onwards stability is rock solid, it even survives 95% of driver crashes(which is actually OEM problem).

Same old tired arguments. If Macs and PCs numbers were reversed, we would be seeing all those products being used on the Macs, and not needed on PCs.

Why attack a few thousand computers when you can attack millions?

I also don’t understand why you think the "Surface" is the standard by which all other PCs should be measured. My home made gaming system is awesome, stable and I would put it up against any Mac on the market.

The funny thing is, whenever I use my buddy’s Mac, and I ask him "How do I do this, or how do I do that", his answer is "you can’t do that on a Mac".

I’ll stick with my awesome gaming rig, thanks anyway.

Windows 10 is very solid in my experience. At least as stable as the iMacs I have been using.

I actually have had a solid experience with Windows since XP SP 3 → Windows 7 → Windows 8 → Windows 10.

With the right hardware it simply is solid.

I’m all in on Windows 10… Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop (wife) , Surface Pro 3 (son) , Lumia 950.640.635,520, Surface Mouse, Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint reader, Surface Dock, Microsoft Miracast dongle on my TV.

Stable ? YES

What I love of Windows is compatibility. You plug everything and everything works.

I replaced my HDD with an SSD and the boot up time in my laptop is five seconds. So i’m pretty happy with Win right now. I wouldn’t go back to Mac.

A lot of Mac users complaining about Windows are complaining about problems from 10 years ago. The rest are some OCD style complaints. Viruses, malware, stability are not really issues nowadays with Windows 10. You trade off some security and stability for versatility in hardware and software and of course pricing. I only use the built in Windows Defender. 3rd party stuff just bogs the OS down. I love integrating any new hardware on my home brew PC anytime I want.

Funny, I haven’t even gotten the spring update yet, Still waiting to get that download…

you can always manually trigger the update. But yes, it is still odd that MS is releasing the updates in waves and not enabling it globally a few months after it was released.

Go into your updates in settings. If all your regular updates are done, there will be a link there to take you to the location to download the Creators update from last spring.

Microsoft is also including OneDrive Files On-Demand with the Fall Creators Update, bringing back the old placeholders feature to let you easily fetch files from OneDrive without having to sync them or download entire folders.


I’ve been struggling since 8.1 … really happy about this as well

I wish they would make Windows more modular, so you could uninstall features you don’t use (like this Mixed Reality thing, 3D Viewer, etc.).

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