Minecraft for the Nintendo 3DS is available today

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo today announced a surprise launch of Minecraft for the 3DS handheld during one of its Nintendo Direct live streams. The game is available starting today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, as soon as the company’s stream ends at around 7PM ET. Developer Mojang’s seminal pixel-art sandbox game has made its way to pretty much every other gaming platform out there, from Windows Phones to Oculus Rift headsets to even single-board Raspberry Pi computers. So a 3DS port of the game is well overdue at this point.

Nintendo says Minecraft for 3DS will come both a survival and creative mode, five skin packs, and two texture packs. Nintendo and Microsoft, which owns the Minecraft property, plan on charging $29.99 for the handheld version of the game, and it’s important to note that it only works on the New 3DS and 2DS systems. A packaged cartridge version of the game will be available at retail at a later date, Nintendo confirmed.

Update 12:27PM ET, 9/14: Added pricing for game from Nintendo’s website.


I always wonder how many versions of Minecraft can possibly be sold…

{{looks at GTA5 sales}}

I guess an endless amount

I own the PC version, Windows Phone version, and the Xbox One version. My kids have the Minecraft shirts, Legos, action figures, and stuffed toys. You really can’t have enough Minecraft.

I can’t wait to play Minecraft on my calculator.

Still waiting for Minecraft for Simon Electronic Memory game.

Should probably edit this article. The game isn’t for 3ds, it is only available for New 3ds systems.

Also a good time to update with the price $29.99

Wish Minecraft worked on DayDream VR

New 3DS and New 2DS (I presume) only. Won’t work with the older 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS consoles.

The question isn’t "Can it run Crysis?". The question is "Can it run Minecraft?". And yes mostly everything can now. I think that is amazing to say the least especially considering how much you can do on Minecraft.

Is it able to do cross-platform play yet? I know they were taking about it but not if it was done yet or not

if you’re in the Xbox Insider Program, the cross play is available.

I don’t know if they have announced a general release date for cross play.

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