Bethesda is bringing Doom and Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch

It turns out that Skyrim isn’t the only game that Bethesda is bringing to the Nintendo Switch. Today the publisher announced that it’s porting both the recent reboot of Doom and the upcoming shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to Nintendo’s portable / console hybrid. Doomwhich originally launched in 2016 — will be available some time this holiday season. And while the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version of The New Colossus will be out next month, it will be coming to the Switch in 2018. The company also finally announced a release date for Skyrim on Switch: it’ll be available on November 17th.

It’s good news for Nintendo, which has often struggled with getting big-name third-party games on its platforms. The announcement follows recent news that Rockstar will be supporting the platform as well, with an upcoming port of detective drama LA Noire.


All good news, but what I really want from Bethesda is fallout 4 on the switch.

I can’t wait to kill Nazis on the go. They should bring the first Wolfenstein too. For the people who didn’t play it.

Nintendo didn’t even have this level of AAA port-support on the Wii – a 100 mil seller. This is phenomenal, even if they’re just ports.

Hopefully they sell well enough to continue to inspire 3rd party confidence.

can’t wait to see it run at 900p and under 30fps like BOTW

I’m gonna really go out on a limb here and say you don’t own a Switch, and you haven’t played BOTW for any length of time.

Great reply

I dunno, I played Breath of the Wild for over 100 hours on my Switch, and it did run at 900p with frequent drops below 30fps (though a patch a few weeks after launch helped).

It’s hard to see Doom running at 60fps on this without serious visual cutbacks, but I’m interested to see how it turns out.

It was bad at launch but I started playing again last week and I haven’t encountered any slowdowns.

Even in Korok Forest?

Doom on Switch is definitely going to have to compromise somewhere, and I think 60fps even on regular PS4/XB1 is a big part of its appeal and design.

I’ll have to test that area as I haven’t re-visited it after the patches.

It has a few slowdowns, it isn’t at 1080p and yet the game is still great. Unless it is really bad I think people usually overstate the importance of resolution. Yes games could look better but if the game is great that difference is small. The same is often true of frame rate though if this gets really bad it does ruin the game.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I think Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest games of all time regardless of performance. But Doom is on a whole other technical level and I really think it’d lose a lot of its impact at 30 fps or with graphics seriously turned down.

But I would also like to play it on a plane, so.

BotW is an open world game with everything that entails (physics, weather systems, differnet AI behaviours). Doom is a closed off shooter. Yes maybe more graphically intensive, but maybe best to compare its performance on lower end PCs than PS4/Xbone

But BOTW has an inherent game design element that would have probably made it impossible to get to 60fps on the Switch: the massive draw distance. You can turn the graphics down all you want but there’s still going to be a bottleneck when rendering so much stuff.

Last time I played a game from the Doom series, there’s not a lot happening at the same time, and you could probably achieve a decent frame rate by lowering some of the superflous effects or even just polycount. I would have no problem playing a shooter on Switch with HL2 graphics at 60fps; framerate should always be the most important aspect.

So I wasn’t disputing what he said factually. BOTW runs at 900p. BOTW has frame drops (though they’ve been so infrequent for me I’ve been surprised at how many people have had a major problem with them).

It was really about the tone of his post. When you’re playing BOTW, you really don’t care that it’s not 4K60. Sure it would be nice, but it’s not ruining your experience. And when you pop it out of the dock and start playing on the bus or the plane, you care even less.

Hopefully Doom will feel the same way, as most Switch games have to this point. There’s something fantastic about the central idea of the system that makes you care less about the technical restrictions. I own PS4 and a Switch, and I end up wishing my PS4 games were on my Switch, downgrades and all.

Hence me calling out the original poster for not owning a Switch. It’s not that he’s technically wrong, it’s that he fundamentally misses the spirit of the system in a way that makes me pretty sure he doesn’t even own one.


Wow this is amazing and unexpected news, Nintendo IS really having an amazing year.

I wasn’t expecting DOOM to ever come on the Switch, this is so unexpected and greatly welcomed!
Bethesda is slowly turning into one of my favorites, keep that support coming guys!

Next up – Dishonored!

Let’s go GTA VI!!

How exactly is this going to work though?

Doom on every other platform is a 50 GB game. That is because of Id Tech and Megatexture where the whole map is one big ass texture. I wonder what visual corners will get cut here to make it fit assuming that you aren’t forced to download additional assets. Same thing with Wolfenstein. Id tech is scalable, but it is not storage friendly.

As long as it’s clearly identified that the size of the game is so massive at the time of download, I don’t think there is a problem.

It will likely be purchasable on cartridge, which eliminates the storage requirement entirely. Alternatively, a 128GB SD card is $40-$60 (depending on quality/brand), which isn’t a huge ask.

Verge didn’t cover it here, but it was covered elsewhere and on Polygon.

The game’s singleplayer comes on the cart. The multiplayer is a download and Snapmap is not included.

So the game is likely a 32 GB cart for singleplayer and multiplayer added would probably bump total storage requirement to 40-50 GB, generally in line with the other consoles.

Wolfenstein is going to be a can of worms then because it doesn’t have multiplayer and the first one as a frame of reference was a 50 GB game with more story than Doom (cutscenes were actually part of that game and integrated into the story telling).

Dude. They are porting the game to run on an ARM chip, I am sure they are smart enough to figure out a way to reduce the size.

Whether it is getting ported to ARM has nothing to do with how the high storage requirement on other platforms will be solved nor how the end product will look.

You can have huge games with low system requirements. They are not related elements.

I am no longer a console player but it’s always good news to see Nintendo getting some support from western game developers.

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