Leaked Surface Mini images provide a closer look at Microsoft’s canceled tablet

Surface Mini
Evan Blass / Twitter

Surface Mini images leaked earlier this year, and now we’re getting an even closer look at Microsoft’s canceled tablet. Evan Blass has published marketing images for the Surface Mini, revealing a red rubber case with a kickstand and full specifications. The Surface Mini was reportedly a 7.5-inch device with a 1440 x 1080 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. It appears that Microsoft was planning black, red, and blue variants of the Surface Mini before its cancellation.

Microsoft was originally planning to introduce a Surface Mini tablet alongside its Surface Pro 3 at an event in May 2014. While the Surface Pro 3 was announced, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop canceled the Surface Mini project just weeks before.

The Surface Mini was powered by Qualcomm’s ARM processor, and was designed to run Windows RT and support the Surface Pen. Codenamed Surface Iris, the mini tablet looks like a note taking device for students, or even a tablet for kids thanks to its size and colors. Surface chief Panos Panay previously described the Surface Mini as “like a moleskine,” further cementing its creation as a notepad replacement.

Microsoft probably canceled the tablet at the right time. The software giant didn’t have much success with its Windows RT tablets, and the larger tablet market has ignored 7- or 8-inch tablets in favor of larger smartphones.


So from the "In the box" section of the specs sheet above I’m guessing that it was going to be called the Surface Iris? Or was that something else we haven’t seen?

So sad.

This would have done way better than RT. Especially with Onenote. This was not trying to be a laptop.

This thing, with an 835 or better, windows on ARM, 4GB of ram, and adoptable storage (like on android) would be my dream mobility device. I have too many devices, because my phone is good enough 50% of the time, my iPad is good enough for 80% of the remaining time, and 20% of that time i need a real laptop. If I could do cuts only video editing and at least view and rotate .stl files, I’d be all in.

The design language doesn’t match the Surface line at all. I wonder if it was done by a separate team?

Seems very ‘Nokia’.

Now that you mention it wouldn’t surprise if that’s where it originated from. Looks very much like Nokia and not at all like Surface.

To be fair, I think if it was in black it would have fit the line up quite nicely.

Windows 10 S is exactly like Windows RT, a dumbed down version of Windows for people who don’t know how to use a computer. What makes Microsoft think 10 S will succeed when RT failed?

Windows 10 S is exactly like Windows RT, a dumbed down version of Windows for people who don’t know how to use a computer. What makes Microsoft think 10 S will succeed when RT failed

Not quite: First off RT was ARM only, secondly no upgrade path for RT, Thirdly Store was non-existent and today doing quite well. In fact I’m eligible to beta test the store full version of Office 365.
Windows10S will be a real option once all peripherals have drivers and in schools and managed device areas. The average user sees 10S as 10…. this is not RT again.

Increased hardware efficiency and screen resolutions, the successes of both iOS’ and ChromeOS’ locked down approach to handling the hardware, and possibly making it free at larger screen sizes than the Home version is offered.

Microsoft doesn’t like consumers anymore, they’re a cloud company like IBM 2.0

  • Hololens instead of being a consumer product, is doomed to convert into a niche enterprise product
  • Surface Pen and ink technology are so expensive, than students need to be rich or only Prosumers can purchase a Surface Pro device with a Pen
  • Windows 10 OS appstore is a ghost town, Windows Universal Platform is another failed experiment and only Spotify is converting x64 code to appstore packaging, nobody cares about selling software through store, even Adobe only sellls a underpowered Elements basic suite instead of the full stack of products.
  • Xbox One S and Scorpio are probably the last products Microsoft made for consumers, how more years is Xbox brand going to survive?
  • The important stuff today like smartphones, mobile AR, tablets, wearables, smartwatches, AI speakers, is non-existent in Microsoft’s tech department, and this is just Satya Nadella’s fault. If I were Bill Gates, I would like to change this path Microsoft is taking, in few years Microsoft will by a synonym of Oracle and IBM.
    Just my 2 cents.
Xbox One S and Scorpio are probably the last products Microsoft made for consumers, how more years is Xbox brand going to survive?

And why wouldn’t it survive. They are doing just fine. Scorpio was the fastest selling Xbox.

That is a meaningless achievement without the total number of consoles available. I could make a console, put 1 for preorder, and get the title of fastest selling console ever, probably uncontested until internet speeds become faster.

We will see, mon frere.

Meaningless achievement yet you give apple watch and mac sales a pass?

What are their claims on sales and sales performance? Personally, I don’t give a shit about either of those, but will gladly take down any false claims if they make any.

"Sales growth is off the charts. In fact, during the first week of holiday shopping, our sell-through of Apple Watch was greater than any week in the product’s history. And as we expected, we’re on track for the best quarter ever for Apple Watch,"

"We’re investing aggressively in [the Mac’s] future, and we are very excited about the innovation we can bring to the platform," said Cook.

Tim Cook

For the Watch, like most companies, they don’t give hard numbers except in cases where it’s worth bragging about. They only talk about growth, which is probably true, but no indication of what the chart was that it’s being compared to. Recent statements indicate 50% growth in that category, which isn’t exclusive to Apple Watch, so again, not that interesting unless they give hard numbers. The fact that no numbers are given means they aren’t impressive compared to other Apple products. They may be impressive for the category itself, but otherwise uninteresting.

As for the Mac statement, meaningless when talking about the success of a product. All they are saying is the Mac isn’t dead and they are continuing to work on it. Actions matter more, so this is also meaningless unless something tangible comes of it.

Surface Pen and ink technology are top-notch inking experiences, so of course it’s not going to be cheap. There are other digital pens on the market for people to buy and use. Last I checked, Apple’s Pencil is pretty pricy too.

Windows 10 app store isn’t a "ghost town". It definitely lacks some major apps, but it does have a lot of major ones. The problem is people aren’t used to apps on their laptops/desktops. If the app store is a big enough failure, Microsoft would probably have nixed it by now.

Microsoft makes many products for consumers including the Surface line, hardware accessories, and plenty of software.

Microsoft does dabble with smartphones, AR, tablets, wearables, smartwatches, and AI speakers. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about…

Holy bezels Batman!

I’m glad that this got canceled. It looks to be a rather unimpressive device to me.

So is an iPad Mini without Pencil support, to me.

Dat bezels tho.

1GB of RAM? Is that a joke? Even Apple’s entry level iPad has 2GB.

..and ios lol

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