Microsoft is opening its first retail store in London

Microsoft is opening its first UK store in London. RetailWeek first reported that the software giant is in talks to secure a building at Oxford Circus, a popular shopping venue in the heart of London. Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to open a store in London. The building is currently occupied by United Colours of Benetton, but Microsoft is set to sign a 10-year lease on the property in the coming weeks. As has become tradition, Microsoft’s new store is just a few doors away from Apple’s own retail store on Regent Street.

Microsoft has tried to secure locations in the heart of London’s shopping district for years. The company was originally planning to open a store in the UK back in 2013 after registering its own limited company. Microsoft found it difficult to secure the building it wanted, and ultimately shelved its plans to open a store in London. This new deal means the retail location will be the first Microsoft store in the UK and Europe. Microsoft has stores across the US, a few in Canada, and one each in Puerto Rico and Australia.

Update, 5PM ET: Microsoft has confirmed its plans to open a store in London.


Finally!! (If it happens….)

Could have done with this years ago when I had problems with my Windows Phone – I still miss it….

That’s great news for Surface users in the UK…

Surely it must be a coincidence that this location is only 100 metres away from the Apple Store?

It’s a central shopping area, it’s no coincidence it’s close to all the shoppers.

MS stores in America are usually close to Apple ones

Nokia ill-advisedly opened their flagship retail store opposite Apple’s Regent Street store. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Microsoft do something similar.

Amsterdam next please!!!

Microsoft is opening its first retail store in London

I think it would be more accurate to write:

Microsoft is opening its first London retail store

I understand them as a same, but you’re right

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